Tourists flock to Faridpur’s new entertainment center

The sluice gate area of ​​Kumar Nader at Tepakhola in Faridpur suburb has now become a new recreation center. Thousands of people are constantly flocking to watch the flow of water at the sluicegate area of ​​the source of the river Kumar. The area became lively with their walk.

It has been found that because there is no good system of outdoor recreation in the district, the entertainment lovers rushed to the Sluisgate area with their families. However, compared to everyday, there are more tourists on Friday-Saturday and closed days. The new entertainment center has created a source of income for the locals. Apart from various shops, many people are making good money by driving boats.

Tourists flock to Faridpur's new entertainment center

It can be seen on the ground that the Madankhali sluicegate has been opened. Water from the Padma river is rushing into the Kumar river with a huge roar. And visitors are flocking to enjoy this view every day from noon to night. Some are sitting and chatting, some are watching the flow of water, some are taking pictures, videos and selfies on their mobile phones.

Tabidur Rahman of Alalpur, who came with his family, told Jago News, ‘It is a very nice place. It’s really nice here.’

Tourists flock to Faridpur's new entertainment center

Parvez Hasan Rajib, a resident of Shibarampur area, said, ‘This is a new tourist spot in Faridpur. When I have time, I come to visit with my friends. Here the mind actually gets better. All in all it is a wonderful place. An average of several thousand people gather here every day from noon to night.’

Tourists flock to Faridpur's new entertainment center

Prema, a first year student of Faridpur Rajendra College, told Jago News, ‘Everyone comes here to visit. A place to visit. In the morning, afternoon and even night, many people come here to visit and chat. Really like it here.

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Sumayya Afrin, a resident of the city who came to visit, told Jago News that there were not so many people here before. Lately there has been a huge crowd of people. Many people from near and far come here. The place is very nice. You can go around by boat.’

Tourists flock to Faridpur's new entertainment center

Siraj, a kulfi malai seller from Kushtia, said, ‘I make kulfi malai myself using pure cow’s milk and sell it here. Sales are also good. Average income is 200-300 rupees per day. On the other hand, toy seller Mohammad Bepari said, “The sales on other days are a little less, but on Friday-Saturday and closed days, sales are quite good.”

Tourists flock to Faridpur's new entertainment center

Pavita Malo, a local resident and boatman, told Jago News, ‘I have a boat of my own. Many visitors prefer to go by boat. 50 taka per person per hour for boat ride. Lately the income is good, with which the family goes.’

Faridpur District Commissioner (DC) in this regard. Kamrul Ahsan Talukder said, “Strong efforts are being made to plan and implement various types of plans and facilities for the improvement of Shahratli Dhala Mor and Madankhali Sluicegate area and facilities for visitors.”