Transfer of 31 prisoners of KNF to Chittagong Jail

31 prisoners arrested in Bandarban on suspicion of collaborating with armed group Kuki-Chinese National Front (KNF) have been shifted to Chittagong Jail.

On Tuesday (June 11) morning, they were sent to Chittagong prison from Bandarban jail under strict security of security forces.

According to the sources of Bandarban Jail, 30 members of the KNF jailed in Bandarban Jail have been transferred to Chittagong Jail in connection with the bank robbery, armed robbery and kidnapping of the bank manager in Ruma and Thanchi. Due to lack of space in Bandarban Jail, they were transferred to Chittagong Jail. Among them there are 16 male and 15 female members.

Bandarban Jail Superintendent Jannat ul Farhad told Jago News that 31 imprisoned KNF members have been transferred to Chittagong Jail due to lack of space in the jail.

So far 21 cases have been filed in Ruma-Thanchi on April 2 and 3 in connection with bank robbery, armed robbery, attack on mosque and kidnapping of bank manager. In these cases, the court sent 90 people arrested on suspicion of being members of the KNF in the operation of the joint forces.

Nayan Chakraborty/SR/GKS