Two gaming earbuds Unlo Bolt

Currently, wireless gadgets are the most popular. Especially headphones, the new version of which are earbuds. These small Bluetooth earbuds can be comfortably worn for long periods of time. Can be easily carried in pocket. As a result, the demand is also high. So all the companies are bringing new earbuds in the market one after another.

Popular gadget manufacturer Bolt has brought 2 earbuds together in the market. Can be most beneficial for those who like to play video games. Bolt Z40 and Bolt Y1 are two earbuds that are true wireless stereo earphones.

These two earbuds are mainly designed to be used while playing games. There is a combat gaming mode and 40ms ultra low latency. The company’s new two earbuds, the Bolt, feature dual-device connectivity. It is possible to keep these earbuds connected to two devices simultaneously. Also, these two gaming earbuds from the Bolt company have support for Bluetooth 5.4 connectivity.

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  • These earbuds will run for one and a half hours on a 10-minute charge

The Bolt Z40 earbuds will last up to 60 hours on a single full charge. These earbuds have RGB light support. These earbuds also have support for environmental noise cancellation feature.

The Bolt Z40 earbuds also have touch controls. Voice assistant support. It is a water resistant device. These earbuds can be connected to both iOS and Android devices.

The Bolt Y1 earbuds can provide up to 50 hours of playtime on a single full charge. There is also support for environmental noise cancellation feature. There is also touch control and voice assistant support. It is also a water resistant device. These earbuds can also be paired with Android and iOS devices.

The Bolt Z40 earbud has been launched in three colors: Black Moss, Electric White, Sea Throw. The price of these earbuds in the Indian market is 1 thousand 299 rupees. On the other hand, Bolt Y1 can be purchased in three colors: Black Metal, Electric Red, and Glacier Blue. Its price is 1 thousand 199 rupees. The earbuds can be purchased from the company’s official website.

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Source: Gadget360