Two Moroccan footballers went missing in the sea while traveling

Two Moroccan footballers have gone missing after being swept away by currents in the Mediterranean Sea. These two footballers named Salman Harraq and Abdelatif Akhrif used to play for the country’s club Ittihad Tanger. Etihad Tanger confirmed their disappearance.

Yesterday, an official of the club said that they disappeared in the sea after their small boat was swept away by the strong current.

A group of five players traveled to the northern city of Tangier, club deputy president Anas Marbet told Reuters. As they swam in deep water strong currents and winds swept their boat away. They were not found later.

Anas Marbet said three players have already been rescued. However, efforts are on to trace the missing Salman Harraq and Abdelatif Akhrif.

The 3 players who were rescued said the missing footballers had jumped from the small boat. They did not have buoys.