Ugandan captain threatened to ‘kill’ if he doesn’t talk to friends on TV

Dream times are coming for Ugandan captain Brian Musaba. He led the team to the first ever ICC World Cup, which was quite an achievement. Only three of Uganda’s games have made it to the World Cup before. Cricketers have given the African country an even bigger occasion to celebrate.

They did not care against Afghanistan in their first match in the World Cup. However, Uganda won the second match against Papua New Guinea. After that, the captain of the team, Musaba, thanked the fans, and also listened to the funny threats given by his friends.

Musaba said at the award ceremony, ‘We have a very special group of supporters. They travel all over the world and support us. I don’t think they came to the World Cup expecting to win, but it was the least we could do. I hope their feelings are as special as ours.’

‘Many people in the country are watching us. Awake from 3:30 to 4:30 in the night. It’s not easy. We salute and salute them. I have some friends from school, they threatened to kill me if I don’t talk about them on TV (laughs). I want to say to the supporters, thank you very much.

Cricket has not been around for a long time in Uganda. Football is the most popular there, some Olympic games are also played regularly. They beat Zimbabwe to qualify for the World Cup in the African region. Musaba is proud of their entire journey.

He said, ‘A very special victory for us. Our first win in the World Cup, it doesn’t get any more special. Everyone is proud of the work they have done together. Giving the country its first win in the World Cup is something very special. The result of three-four years of very hard work by the players and the board. Playing the World Cup was special, but getting the first win was even more so.’

Uganda bowled out Papua New Guinea for just 77 runs. Franco Tsubuga holds the record for worst bowling. Later, with the bat of Riyazat Ali, Uganda won by three wickets. Musaba thanked his teammates at the end of the match.

He said, ‘This time I have implemented the plan more than the previous match. Proud of the bowlers for adapting to the conditions quickly. They fixed the rhythm of the match for us. (For pacers) very easy thing, hard length and wicket to wicket delivery. We did it well today, it worked for us.’

‘When you lose three wickets you are chasing quick, short runs. We knew how it would be. There was real trouble there. Every run they made was important. Hats off to the batters who put their heads down and got the job done for the team.’