UK gets first female finance minister

For the first time, the UK has appointed a female finance minister. The Labor Party has come to power with an absolute victory in this country’s general elections. King Charles III officially appointed Labor Party leader Sir Keir Starmer as prime minister at Buckingham Palace on Friday (July 5).

Meanwhile, Kier Starmer has announced the names of ministers for various positions in the government within a short time of taking charge as the Prime Minister.

Rachel Reeves is now the main attraction of Britain’s new government. He is made Chancellor of the Exchequer (Chancellor of the Exchequer) or Finance Minister of the country. Reeves, 45, is the first female finance minister in UK history.

He served at the Bank of England from 2000 to 2006. Rachel said the path to economic growth is stability, investment and reform. He will focus on funding the rebuilding of the UK public service.

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The third most important person in the UK government is the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Rachel, who grew up in South London, was first elected as the Member of Parliament for Leeds West in 2010. This time he was elected from the Leeds West and Fudgey seats.