Using AI generated images without labeling is illegal: wink

Unlabeled artificial intelligence (AI) generated images are illegal to use and share on social media. State Minister for Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak made such a comment.

He said, social media is currently full of pictures made with AI. It is difficult to know which is real and which is fake. Even highly educated and tech-savvy Facebook users can’t catch it. That’s why it’s important to label all images created with AI. Using such images without labels is illegal. The AI ​​legislation we’re doing will have it. I will finalize the draft of this law in September.

The state minister said these things in the ‘ICT and Mental Health’ round table discussion held at ICT Tower in Agargaon of the capital on Thursday (July 4). Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) under Directorate of Information and Communication, UNDP Bangladesh and ‘Miner Bandhu’ organized discussions.

Junaid Ahmed Palak said, one of our young startups created an avatar of me. It can hardly be called an avatar. He made all the pictures and videos. He looks exactly like me, speaks with my voice. In this way, many times a gang is blackmailing women by making offensive pictures and videos. Legally we have to prepare to prevent this manipulation of AI.

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Alleging that social media is making young people prone to crime, the state minister said that various social media including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are most responsible for the mental illness of young people. Their algorithm is such that when someone suddenly sees a bad content, they are shown negative content one after another. Children and teenagers are going astray.

He said, we have efforts to stop these negative contents. But even if we want to, we cannot remove all the harmful content of the whole world. Cyberbullying cannot be eradicated by will. Everyone should be aware and vocal about it.

The round table discussion session was moderated by Touhida Shiropa, founder and CEO of ‘Maner Bandhu’. Among others, ICT Department Secretary Samsul Arefin, World Bank’s senior health expert Dr. Bushra Binte Alam, UNDP Senior Governance Specialist Sheila Tasnim Haque, PTIB Project Manager Robert Stoelman, National Institute of Mental Health Associate Professor Dr. Helal Uddin Ahmad and others.