‘Vaishtami Rockfest’ this time Ark, Highway and KHN

In the second concert of ‘Baishtami Rockfest-2024’ this time Ark led by the famous star of band music Hasan, the favorite band of this generation of the country Highway and the singer of rock, hard rock and thrash metal songs of Bangladesh KHNO and his rock wing will take part.

The event will start from 4 pm on Friday, June 28 at Sheraton Hotel Banani in the capital. Initiated by Vaishtami, a film, documentary and music production company, the event partner of this concert is as usual Station Communication and Ticket Tomorrow. On May 2, ‘Rockfest-2024’ was announced by Vaishtami. Following this, the first concert was held in the capital’s Liberation War Museum auditorium on May 29 last month.

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On the other hand, the organizing company has said that on this date too, they will present a memento to some of the talented musicians of the country as an inspiration and recognition of their work. Meezan, the former vocalist of Wharfage, was felicitated by Vaishtami on the first day of ‘Rockfest-2024’.

This year’s concert has a limited number of tickets under the initiative of event partner Ticket Tomorrow. Its price is estimated at 1000 rupees. Vaishtami has garnered praise for producing a documentary on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Two of their films are going to release this year. Lilith and artistry. It is also said that the shooting of the commercial film Mohini is going to start.

On the other hand, the ongoing concerts of Rockfest will not be held in the coming sad August. The third concert will be held on July 26, according to Vaishtami leader Aisha Erin. Two concerts will be organized in September. The last of the 8 concerts will be held in December.

It has also been informed, ‘In the beginning of the coming year, a three-day festival will be held with about a hundred new bands of the country. I want to choose the best 10 bands and stay with them all the time.’

Meanwhile, it is known that Vaishtami will organize concerts in Asia Pacific and Europe. Vaishtami is determined to present Bangladesh to foreign audiences and musicians. The theme of this year’s concert to be held on Friday is ‘People’s songs and your life on this planet.’