Variety of tea should be produced according to the demand of the world market

President Md. Sahabuddin said that the tea industry concerned should take the initiative to adopt and implement a specific action plan for the expansion of the export market. Special attention should be paid to the production of quality and diverse tea according to the demand of the world market.

He said this in a message given on the occasion of ‘National Tea Day’ on June 4.

On the occasion of National Tea Day-2024, the President extended his sincere greetings and congratulations to the people involved in the tea industry and said that tea is well established as a promising industry in Bangladesh. Tea industry has a close relationship with the history and tradition of the country. The journey of the tea industry in the region began in 1854 with the commercial production of the Malnichara tea garden in Sylhet.

He said that the first Bengali chairman of the tea board was Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the nation. During his tenure as Chairman of the then Tea Board from June 4, 1957 to October 23, 1958, he laid special emphasis on the sustainable development of the tea industry as well as research on the subject. Later, after the independence of the country, he also contributed immensely to the rehabilitation of the war-damaged tea industry. In this context, the initiative to observe Bangabandhu’s accession as the Chairman of the Tea Board on June 4 as ‘National Tea Day’ carries special significance.

The President said that once tea was one of the main export products of the country. Later, due to the increase in domestic demand, the export of tea decreased, but the government took various steps to increase the production and export of tea. As a result, a record amount of 102.92 million kg of tea has been produced in the country in 2023. For the sustainable development of the tea industry, plans have been made to meet the basic needs of tea garden workers and pets, increase wages, improve living standards, empower women workers and provide various types of training.

Md. Sahabuddin said, as a result of the government’s various steps, there has been a revolutionary development in tea cultivation in the plains. To build a smart Bangladesh and a smart economy by 2041, along with other sectors, the potential of increasing tea exports should be exploited.

Pointing out that the theme of this year’s tea day was ‘Smart Bangladesh’s determination, export-oriented tea industry’, he said, ‘I hope that the concerted efforts of all those related to the tea industry, including the Ministry of Commerce and the Bangladesh Tea Board, will continue for the overall development of the tea industry.’

He wished the success of all the programs undertaken on the occasion of ‘National Tea Day-2024’.