Viral should not be a virus

Md. Riyaz Uddin Ifan

Generally, viral refers to information or media that spreads very quickly and widely. It is mainly spread through the internet and usually gets a huge response through social media. There is no special condition behind going viral. But its effects and results can be variable in personal and social life.

The main reason for going viral is contemporaneity and social media influence. If a subject is shared with others, it spreads and more people are attracted to it. Important issues are often overshadowed by the plethora of viral topics. Educational or country essentials never want to come in trend. When something goes viral, we share it on social media. Be it positive or negative. This general attitude often results in the dissemination of unnecessary information.

Let us analyze some current events to understand the matter. Recently when the HSC exam started, a girl mistakenly walked into Siddheshwari School thinking it was the exam hall. But a policeman tries to take him to his own center with help; Where it leads is also the wrong center. The sad thing is that after watching the video of helping in the morning, people praised the police for this great work and in the afternoon, they made the person a joker by making various trolls with the video of the police taking them to the wrong center. Moreover, at present, Russell has spread a fear in the whole country by making fake talk and content about Viper. The question is, are they really our concern? If not, then what is the way out of this viral problem?

As an ideal citizen we should know the bad and good aspects of viral topics. Viral topics are often widely circulated on social media. Through this, the most harmful aspect is the dissemination of false information and misinformation. Many times false and untrue information is spread on viral topics, which can mislead people. For example, on July 20, 2019, Taslima Begum Renu went to inquire about the admission of her four-year-old son Tuba to a school in Badda of the capital. But he returned as a corpse. Renu could not get Tuba admitted to school. A mother’s life was instantly lost due to the suspicion of ‘boys’. Moreover, we all know more or less the rumor that ‘padma bridge construction will require a head’. Which has spread panic across the country. In this rumor, at least 19 people have been beaten up in 9 districts. 9 people died. In November 2019, after spreading like a virus, the price of salt will increase several times. The countrymen started buying salt due to Huzoog. A day later it is known that the price of salt has not increased at all and there is plenty of stock.

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Viral issues can cause social unrest. Sometimes Hindus and Muslims get into a fight over a viral topic. These are matters of religious sentiment. All religions desire peace. Misconceptions on religious issues are being made viral, making society violent. As a result viral content creates anti-social propaganda. Some unethical content is propagated by pouring. Harmful to the youth. Many people share these videos to feed themselves. We should all stay away from these and be aware.

Although the word viral is associated with virus or currently misused, we need to divert viral to good work. Because viral has its good side. First, we can increase social awareness. If there is any irregularity, it can be highlighted through video. The problem of roads in the area can be highlighted. There are many things, including highlighting the issue of social degradation, which will bring good to the country and society. Secondly, can make some appreciable contribution, which can contribute to some good cause in the viral matter. For example, due to sudden floods in Sylhet in 2022, the people of that area were in danger. At that time many volunteers tried to stand by their side. Shares information on social media for monetary donations, which goes viral. Then people from different classes of the country extended their hand of cooperation. Third, educational content will benefit from going viral. Because there is a need for entertainment after daily work. But if it is educational, entertaining or fun content; Then there is nothing to say.

Nowadays there are many good content creators who make this kind of content. Moreover, there are some travelers or bloggers. Many have given information about flowers, fruits and trees. So we should use social media properly. Sharing good things and creating positive environment for future generations. Care should be taken to ensure that viral topics do not become viral. It is important to share good content for the sake of the country and society and stay away from snobbery. Only then will a beautiful, conscious and supportive environment be created.

Author: Student, Department of Law, Independent University, Bangladesh.