Visa eased for medical treatment in India: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that the visa process has been simplified for Bangladeshi patients and their relatives going for treatment in India.

He said this during the question and answer session of the press conference organized on the recent visit to India at Ganabhaban on Tuesday (June 25) around 11 am.

Asked what benefits the people of Bangladesh will get as a result of the renewed agreement with India in the pharmaceutical industry and whether they will get medical care at a low cost, the Prime Minister said that every year, many people from Bangladesh go to India for treatment, we have made visas easier for them. Now you can easily go there and bring treatment.

The Chief Minister said, we have to bring many raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry from India. There are some medicines we still do not produce, cannot do. Although our pharmaceuticals sector is well developed, we export medicines to many countries around the world. Still there are some medicines which we do not produce, we have to import them.

He said that every year a large number of people from Bangladesh go to India for treatment, visas will be made easier for them. We are only moving forward on the path of improvement. Now the more friendly relations we can have, the more we exchange trade and commerce, the more Bangladesh will benefit.