Wanting to cancel the complaint formation. Application of Yunus

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has applied to the High Court for the cancellation of the order of complaint in the case of embezzlement of Tk. Muhammad Yunus.

This application was made in the relevant branch of the High Court on Monday (July 8). The petition challenged the validity of the framing of the complaint.

Dr. Lawyer Barrister Abdullah Al Mamun has applied to the High Court seeking cancellation of the case filed by the ACC on behalf of Muhammad Yunus.

Before this, on the last 12 June, the chairman of the organization, Nobel Laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus, lawyer Zafrul Hasan Sharif, lawyer Md. The court framed charges against 14 people including Yusuf Ali. The date of hearing is scheduled for July 15.

In the case of embezzlement and embezzlement of Rs. The court framed charges against 14 people including Muhammad Yunus. The formal trial of the case begins with the filing of the complaint.

On June 12, Judge Syed Arafat Hossain of the Special Judge Court-4 of Dhaka rejected the plea of ​​acquittal of the accused and framed charges against them.

On May 30, 2023, Nobel laureate Dr. ACC filed a case against 13 people including Muhammad Yunus. Gulshan Anwar, deputy director of the organization, filed the case as the main plaintiff.

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On February 1, 2024, Dhaka Metropolitan Sessions Judge Court. ACC Deputy Director Gulshan Anwar filed the charge sheet against 14 people including Muhammad Yunus. There were 13 accused in the ACC case. A new accused is named in the charge sheet.

Complaints against the accused

409/420/467/468/471/109 and section 4(2) and 4(3) of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2012 have been charged. On April 2, the court of Dhaka Metropolitan Sessions Judge As Samach Jaglul Hossain’s court accepted the charge sheet and ordered the transfer to Dhaka Special Judge Court-4 for the trial of the case.

In the statement of the case, it is said that the accused have embezzled Tk 25 crore 22 lakh 6 thousand 780 through fraud. According to the decision of the 108th board held on May 9, 2022 in the presence of the members, the account was opened at the Gulshan branch of Dhaka Bank. A settlement agreement was signed with the Grameen Telecom Employees’ Union and Grameen Telecom on April 27 of that year for the distribution of dividends due to the employees of Grameen Telecom.

Grameen Telecom’s board meeting decided to open the account on May 9, but the account was opened a day earlier on May 8. The settlement agreement also shows the May 8 bank account which is practically impossible. According to the conditions of such fake settlement agreement and according to the decision of the 108th board, on May 10, 2022, 437 crore 1 lakh 12 thousand 621 taka was transferred from Mirpur branch of United Commercial Bank of Grameen Telecom to Gulshan branch of Dhaka Bank.

Later, in the 109th board meeting of Grameen Telecom held on June 22, as per the decision, additional payment of Tk 1 crore 63 lakh 91 thousand 389 as advocate fee was approved. On the other hand, a total of 26 crore 22 lakh 6 thousand 780 taka was transferred from the account of the Gulshan branch of Dhaka Bank to the account of the local office of the Grameen Telecom Sramik Sanghai Union named Dutch-Bangla Bank.

But before distributing the dividend to the employees, CBA leader Md. A total of Tk 3 crore was transferred to Kamruzzaman’s Dutch-Bangla Bank Mirpur branch, Tk 3 crore to CBA leader Mainul Islam and Tk 3 crore to CBA leader Feroz Mahmud Hasan’s Dutch-Bangla Bank Mirpur branch.

Similarly, Advocate Md. 4 crores as Commercial Bank of Ceylon Dhanmondi branch of Yusuf Ali and Gulshan of The City Bank, Deputy Inspector General of Factory and Establishment Inspection Directorate of Ministry of Labor and Employment, sent a report to the ACC with some allegations against the Board of Directors of Grameen Telecom Company. Based on that report, the search began on July 28, 2022.

The defendants are the chairman of Grameen Telecom. Muhammad Yunus, managing director. Nazmul Islam, director and former managing director. Ashraful Hasan, Director Parveen Mahmud, Nazneen Sultana, Md. Shahjahan, Nurjahan Begum and director S. M Hajjatul Islam Latifi. In addition, Advocate Md. Yusuf Ali, Advocate Zafrul Hasan Sharif, President of Grameen Telecom Sramik-Karmachari Union. Kamruzzaman, general secretary Feroz Mahmud Hasan and representative Md. Mainul Islam, office secretary Kamrul Islam has been accused.