We fell behind in the first 6 overs: Babar Azam

Even in their dreams, Pakistanis could not have thought that they would lose to the USA in the first match of the World Cup. The United States has created the biggest incident of this World Cup by defeating Pakistan in the Super Over.

Pakistan can only score 159 runs in the USA controlled bowling. Where they managed to score only 30 runs after losing 3 wickets in the first six overs. Babar Azam blames bad batting in Powerplay for losing the match. Babar feels that his team did not do well in the first 6 overs even in bowling.

After losing the match, the Pakistan captain came to the prize giving ceremony and said, ‘In the first 6 overs, we could not adapt like that. We were falling behind one wicket after another. You have to come forward to pair up as a batter. We bowled badly in the first 6 overs. Even our spinners could not take wickets.

Despite criticizing the party, Babar did not forget to praise the United States, ‘the United States has to be given credit. They beat us in all three categories. There was a bit of swing on the pitch initially, but as a professional cricketer you have to adapt to that.’