We have entered into various agreements with India to increase connectivity

Foreign Minister and Joint General Secretary of Awami League said that various agreements have been made with India to increase connectivity. Hasan Mahmud.

He said, in the current context, it is difficult to keep friendship with everyone, it is not easy. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is moving forward with the policy of ‘no enmity with anyone, friendship with all’.

He said these things at a seminar organized by the weekly Ganabangla and Bangladesh Independence Council at the National Press Club on Thursday (July 4). The minister was the chief guest at the seminar titled ‘Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s balanced foreign policy and incredible development of the country’.

The foreign minister said, ‘BNP has now become a parasitic party after losing the momentum of the movement. They are now focusing on students’ movement, teachers’ movement. Losing the ability to move themselves, they are doing the movement. And now there is a lot of fear in BNP. The workers of the party are now worried, will wake up in the morning to find that the post is gone!’

After the Prime Minister’s visit to India, regarding various comments of BNP. Hasan said, ‘BNP speaks against the government despite the benefits of the government’s development. There is no development in the country because the airport is 10 minutes away from the flyover. Riding AC in metro rail, got down in front of press club and spoke against the government, spoke against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. BNP’s various comments after the Prime Minister’s very successful visit to India did not hold water, now it remains to be seen what BNP will say after the Prime Minister’s visit to China.’

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Referring to Bangladesh’s foreign policy as ‘not enmity with anyone, friendship with all’, the foreign minister said, ‘Just as we have excellent relations with India, we also have good relations with China. As we have excellent relations with Russia, we also have good relations with the United States.’

Dr. about rail and road communication with neighboring countries. Hasan Mahmud said, there is no border post in Europe. Is there a loss of sovereignty of countries? We have entered into various agreements with India to enhance connectivity. There will also be connectivity with Nepal. (There will be connectivity) with other South Asian countries as well. In other words, we are working on a plan to increase regional connectivity.

The minister said about the movement of students protesting the reinstatement of quota system in government jobs, the government canceled the quota system out of sympathy for the students. This was done through the courts. As the officials including the education minister are going to meet on the matter, hopefully a good solution will be found.’

Awami League leader MA Karim presided over the event. Secretary of the Bangladesh Independence Council. Under the supervision of Shahadat Hossain Toil, former Vice Chancellor of Jagannath University was the special guest. Mizanur Rahman, member of Awami League National Committee Advocate Balram Poddar, former Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Freedom Fighters Parliament Shafiqul Bahar Majumdar Tipu, member of Awami League Industry and Commerce Sub-Committee Lion Moshiur Ahmed and others.