We will prepare for the World Cup: Andric

Brazil had to leave after losing a tiebreaker to Uruguay in the quarter-finals of the Copa America. Selasaora ends another failed mission with a strong team. However, Brazil is desperate to get out of the trap of depression at any cost.

After leaving the Copa, the Brazilians now aim for the 2026 FIFA World Cup. That’s why they want to prepare from now. Young footballer Andric has said that he is working hard to remind the fans of the bright and clear history of Brazil’s world victory.

After losing the match to Uruguay, Andric said, ‘We want to keep Brazil at the top. We will continue to work and prepare for the World Cup. I know it’s very difficult right now. But hopefully, we will have the support of all Brazilians.’

Vinicius Jr. was banned for today’s match after showing yellow cards in two consecutive matches. Endrik played from the starting eleven today as a replacement for this star of Riyadh Madrid. However, this 17-year-old star heading to Madrid could not make any chance to score.

Uruguay advanced to the Copa semi-finals after beating Brazil 4-2 in a tiebreaker today in Las Vegas. They will face Colombia in the finals.