What China thinks about Sheikh Hasina’s visit

What China thinks about Sheikh Hasina’s visit

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is going to China on Monday (July 8) on a four-day state visit. During the visit, he will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Qiang. Several important agreements and memorandums of understanding are expected to be signed with China during the Prime Minister’s visit.

This visit of Sheikh Hasina is very important in geopolitical context and strengthening bilateral relations. China’s state media Global Times published a special report on this on Sunday (July 7). They said that the heads of government of two other countries will visit China during Sheikh Hasina’s visit. They are – Prime Minister Charlotte Salwai of Pacific country Vanuatu and Prime Minister Jeremiah Manele of Solomon Islands.

Global Times mentioned the visit of several foreign heads of government to China as particularly important. According to the report, these visits are proof of fruitful achievements arising from mutual cooperation between China and the Global South. Observers from home and abroad welcomed it.

According to China Foreign Affairs University professor Li Haidong, the visit to China by the leaders of the three countries will demonstrate the reality of mutual respect, understanding and support in contrast to the West’s ‘outdated Cold War mentality’.

Qian Feng, director of research at Tsinghua University’s National Strategy Institute, said these diplomatic engagements would serve as a strong deterrent against the West’s “harassment tactics” to “deceive or hinder” the development efforts of emerging economies.

A historic moment

Sheikh Hasina’s visit to China was mentioned as an important event by Mohammad Sayedul Islam, Senior Research Fellow at Daffodil International University Belt and Road Research Center in Bangladesh. According to him, the visit will open up new avenues of cooperation between the two countries and open doors of great potential for mutual benefit.

China is Bangladesh’s largest trading partner and second largest source of foreign investment, he told Global Times. More importantly, China’s economic and trade cooperation with Bangladesh is not tied to any political formula or demands special privileges.

The Prime Minister’s visit is likely to see new cooperation arrangements between Bangladesh and China in the infrastructure construction sector. These may include building new roads and railways, expanding ports and improving fuel supply capacity.

Saidul Islam said, the implementation of these projects will significantly improve the infrastructure conditions of Bangladesh and lay a solid foundation for economic development.

India’s watchful eye

Neighboring India is keeping a watchful eye on Bangladesh Prime Minister’s visit to China. Sheikh Hasina went to India last June to participate in the inauguration ceremony of Narendra Modi for the third consecutive term as the Prime Minister. A few days later he again went to Delhi on a state visit. Indian media have mentioned that Sheikh Hasina is going to China after two consecutive visits to India.

However, Chinese observer Qian Feng said this is Sheikh Hasina’s fifth visit to China as Prime Minister and the first since her re-election earlier this year. This indicates regular high-level meetings between Chinese and Bangladeshi leaders and highlights the importance of both sides in developing bilateral relations.

According to Qian, Bangladesh needs a balanced policy between China and India due to its geographical location.