What happens to the body after eating overripe bananas

If a ripe banana is left in the house for a day, it starts to develop a dark-yellowish stain on the overripe yellow skin. No one usually wants to eat such bananas.

But it cannot be thrown away because it is a little ripe. Many people make pancakes by mixing flour or flour with overripe bananas. But eating such bananas is good for the body?

According to doctors, such bananas are harmful to the body. Although bananas contain potassium, fiber, various vitamins and antioxidants, they can harm the body. Because the sweetness of the banana increases when it ripens a little more.

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And that’s why many people like to eat it. But it does some damage. As bananas overripe, their starches begin to break down and turn into sugar.

Overripe blackened bananas have about 3 grams more sugar than regular yellow bananas. This banana increases blood sugar levels. In addition, the fiber content of overripe bananas also decreases. As a result it is not so good for health.

Bananas are perishable food. Overripe bananas can easily harbor fungus. which is not easily seen with the naked eye.

As a result, it goes into the stomach with food and starts getting round. Eating such ripe bananas increases the risk of diarrhea.

Source: Times of India