What honey is in this MD position, Dr. Prime Minister regarding Yunus

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, asking what is the post of MD of Grameen Bank, ‘Ambassador of the big country that promotes him (Dr. Yunus) comes to my office. Bully my officers. He said, if this MD’s post is not there, this money (funding of Padma Bridge) will be stopped.

He said, ‘Hillary Clinton called me twice to lobby me for this MD post. Sherry Blair called. The representative of the President of France arrived. Many people came from all over the world. I just asked, what honey is there in this MD post?’

He said these things while addressing the chief guest at the Sudhi rally organized at the Mawa end of the bridge on the occasion of the completion of the Padma Bridge project on Friday (July 5) afternoon.

Dr. Referring to Yunus, the Prime Minister said, ‘One post. That is the post of MD of a bank. As many complications, as many problems with this position. Now if there is law in the bank, one can stay for 20 years. He is now 70 years old. Left overtime (MD position). How does he still live there? Why is a famous Nobel laureate coveted for a little MD position? I never got the answer to this question.’

He said, ‘Ershad made the bank. He brought a professor from Chittagong University and appointed him as MD. That professor does not want to leave that chair. Our Finance Minister Muhith (Abul Mal Abdul Muhith) and Foreign Affairs Adviser Gauhar Rizvi went to him and said, “You are not going to be MD anymore, you should rather stay here as an adviser.” He does not agree to that. He filed a case against the government. Two cases. Everyone was shocked. I told the Attorney General, it is nothing like that. Just present the law. If the court can increase the age of someone. Later he lost the case and became even more angry. And the movement of his ambassador is going on. He repeatedly came to the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) and told the same thing. Later an under secretary came and said the same thing. Then I said, I will not meet and talk to anyone else from America. I never met anyone else after that.’

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Sheikh Hasina said, ‘The same question is in the international arena. I just said, what honey is in that position? Now let me tell you something. If you look now, you will find out what honey is in the post of MD. If the workers file a case, Grameen Bank’s audit report will actually reveal more information.’

The Prime Minister also said, ‘Padma bridge had to be built after many storms. Usually when a project is completed there is no completion ceremony. Never done, finished. However, the Padma bridge has to be built after overcoming many storms and obstacles. Padma Bridge has been built with the money of the people of Bangladesh.

He said, ‘I have organized this program to thank those who are involved with Padma Setu, who have given land. It is a show of gratitude and thanksgiving to all.’

Talking about the history of the construction of Padma Bridge with the country’s money, Sheikh Hasina said, ‘Why will the nation which liberated the country with its blood keep its head down? The fearless race was left utterly undignified.’

Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader presided over the event. Former Cabinet Secretary Khandaker Anwarul Islam also spoke. The senior secretary of bridge department gave the welcome speech. Manjur Hossain. Shafiqul Islam, Project Director of Padma Multipurpose Bridge, presented the details of the project.

The theme song of Padma Setu was played at the beginning of the program. Besides, a documentary on Padma Bridge was shown. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was presented with a memorandum of appreciation by the Bridges Minister and the Ministry of Bridges at the gathering.