What Neymar said about the Brazil team

Had he been healthy, he would have been able to lead the team to victory just by playing on the field, as Neymar has done in the past. He alone led the team. But this star of Al Hilal is not in the squad due to injury. However, he rushed to the United States to give courage to the team. But Neymar is disappointed because of the bad condition of the team sitting on the field.

He didn’t like watching the draw of the team sitting on the field. The number of times the camera panned towards him, each time he was seen giving directions in an excited state.

On the day of the team’s draw, Neymar encouraged the team on social media after the match. He wrote there, ‘When we play on the field we all try to give our best. But it is not always right in the field. But you have time to fix them. As a soccer player, every pass, every kick, every thought will always make you think because in Brazil everyone wants to play in the national team, everyone wants more from us, everyone tries. So those who are outside the team think more than those who play inside.’

After supporting the team, Neymar said, ‘From the outside you feel like a goal, but when you enter the field, you have to change everything within seconds. So I encouraged the team today, supported it but I didn’t go overboard. The match is over. We have to look ahead. Have to start practicing again. We need to improve in the next match. I am optimistic about this team. They will think of themselves, their families and their supporters and do the right thing.’