What to do if the laptop turns off during work

This laptop has become one of the essential gadgets these days. Whether for study or office work, many people have to go out of the house with a laptop. However, after using the laptop for a few days or new laptops also become slow.

Laptop does not work properly during urgent work. Slow down and get into trouble. Many times it is seen that suddenly the charge of the laptop is over. Then you have to read in big trouble. There are several ways to avoid this situation. Know them-

1. You can turn on power saver mode. Most laptops these days have a power saver mode. Turning it on automatically turns off certain features to save battery. Power saver mode should be turned on when running a laptop where there is no way to charge it.

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2. Lower the screen brightness. Screen brightness has the biggest impact on battery life. So the brightness should be reduced. Then the battery life will increase.

3. WiFi and Bluetooth should be turned off. How to work without internet? that’s right But WiFi or Bluetooth is not always needed. So turning off WiFi and Bluetooth when not needed will save battery.

4. Close unnecessary apps. Not all apps are always needed. But it still works. It consumes more battery. So it is better to close the apps if you are not using them.

5. You can turn off background processes. Some applications continue to run in the background even when the user is not using them. It also burns the battery. If they are turned off now, the charge will be saved.

6. High performance mode must be turned off. Many laptops have problems playing audio or video. Performance remains poor. In this case it is recommended to use high performance mode. But it consumes more battery. So high performance mode should be turned off when the battery is low.

7. Keep the battery cool. Keeping the battery cool extends its life. So it is forbidden to keep the laptop in a hot place. Moreover, the ventilation of the laptop should not be obstructed.

8. Laptop should be updated. The laptop should have the latest update installed. It increases battery performance. Charge lasts longer.

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