What to do to avoid AC explosion

People’s life is still suffering due to severe heat wave. The relief rain brought some relief, but in the sunshine, the situation was the same again. Almost everyone is using AC at this time. Using AC all the time is showing various problems. Even AC explosions are happening in summer.

Air conditioner explosions can happen for a number of reasons. According to experts, AC explosion also occurs due to mechanical failure or electrical failure. Apart from this, there are multiple factors in this phenomenon. Whatever the reason, if you have an AC at home and run it regularly. AC should be taken care of. For this some work related to AC has to be done. Even then, the danger of such a danger will be greatly reduced.

>> Change the air filter of the air conditioner regularly. A dirty air filter obstructs air flow. So it should be cleaned regularly.

>> In addition to this, the outdoor unit of the AC should also be cleaned at regular intervals. So that dirt does not accumulate. Do not place anything near the AC.

>> Care should be taken to ensure that the airflow of the AC is unhindered.

>> Never use extension cord with AC plug. The load on the air conditioner is very high. Extension cords are not always capable of carrying this load.

>> You can also get the AC serviced at least twice a year. A technician will fix any problem with your AC.

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Source: Times of India