What was discussed in the 2018 quota cancellation notification?

The capital is agitated by the students’ movement demanding the abolition of quota in government jobs. This movement has spread in various university campuses of the country for the past few days. As the days progressed, the movement intensified.

The main demand of the students is to cancel the 2018 quota and reinstate the circular issued by the Ministry of Public Administration. At the same time, they are demanding cancellation of quota in third and fourth class jobs.

It is known that until 2018, there was a total of 56 percent quota in government jobs in the country. That year, when there was a widespread movement demanding quota reform in educational institutions across the country, including Dhaka University, the Cabinet issued a notification on October 3, 2018 canceling the quota system in the recruitment of first and second class positions (9th to 13th grade) in government jobs.

On July 30, 2019, the government announced that there is no quota in the recruitment of first and second class government jobs. Quota remains in place for Class III and IV posts (from 14th to 20th). However, if the candidate of the respective quota is not available, it has to be filled from the merit list of general candidates.

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Apart from clarifying the previously issued circular on January 20, 2020 regarding the quota, the cabinet meeting also approved the proposal to cancel the quota for direct recruitment to the eighth or above positions in government jobs provided by the Ministry of Public Administration.

Meanwhile, Ahidul Islam filed a writ case in Tushar High Court in 2021 on behalf of the freedom fighter’s children demanding the maintenance of freedom fighter quota. After the hearing of this case, the High Court bench consisting of Justice KM Kamrul Quader and Justice Khizir Hayat declared the circular of 2018 issued invalid on June 5, canceling other quotas including freedom fighters in the first and second class jobs.

From that day, a large number of students of Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Jagannath and Jahangirnagar universities joined the movement. They demanded the reinstatement of the circular canceling the quota in 2018.

What was in the circular of 2018 on cancellation of crores?

On October 4, 2018, the quota was canceled in a notification signed by the then secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration, Faiz Ahmed. It said that the Government revised the quota system mentioned in the memorandum dated March 17, 1997 for direct recruitment to the posts of all Government Departments, Autonomous/Semi-Autonomous Institutions and various Corporations.

In regard to the amendment, Part ‘A’ states that direct recruitment to the posts of Grade IX (formerly Class I) and Grades 10-13 (formerly Class II) shall be made on the basis of merit.

Part ‘B’ states that the existing quota for direct recruitment to the posts of Grade IX (formerly Class I) and Grades 10-13 (formerly Class II) has been abolished.

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When complications arose later on the matter, a clarification notification was issued by the Ministry of Public Administration on June 30, 2019. Deputy Secretary Dipankar Biswas signed it.

Part ‘A’ of the two parts of the notification states that as per memorandum dated October 4, 2018 of Ministry of Public Administration’s Rule-1 Branch for direct recruitment to the posts of Grade I (formerly Class I) and Grades 10-13 (formerly Class II) on the basis of merit. There shall be no quota system as circular has been issued to the effect that the existing quota system has been canceled in the case of direct recruitment to the said posts.

Part ‘B’ states that as per paragraph (b) of the memorandum issued by the Ministry of Public Administration dated 5th April 2018, no special quota (freedom fighters, women, minorities, orphans and physically challenged and Ansar and village defense) in direct recruitment to the 3rd and 4th grade posts. Member) If any post cannot be filled due to lack of qualified candidates, the unfilled posts shall be filled by the candidates standing at the top of the merit list from among the general candidates of the respective districts as per the availability of the district.