‘What will happen to me if she doesn’t marry’?

A lover is on hunger strike at the house of her lover Abdul Ahat (20) demanding marriage in a hurry in Sirajganj. The lover claimed that he would not marry even though Ahat had sexual relations with her several times by showing the temptation of marriage. That’s why he came to Ahat’s house to demand marriage.

Lover Abdul Ahat is the son of Ashraf Ali of Ambaria village in Magurabinod union of upazila.

Magurabinod Union Parishad Chairman Mehdi Hasan Magnet confirmed the matter on Monday (June 10) around 9 pm. He told Jago News, after knowing this matter, I have asked both parties to settle it as a family.

The lover who took a stand demanding marriage said, I have been in love with Ahat for almost a year. He did everything to marry me. We have also traveled a lot. But don’t marry now. And if he does not marry then what will happen to me?

Meanwhile, claiming that there is no love relationship, the lover Abdul Ahat told Jago News that I have no love relationship with that girl. He has come home to ruin the reputation of my clan.

Lover Abdul Ahat’s father Ashraf Ali said, “My son has looked for this girl, she is not good. That’s why I will never marry my son with this girl.

In this regard, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Tarash police station Nazrul Islam told Jago News that the police have been sent to the spot after knowing the matter. Necessary measures will be taken after knowing the details.