Who is in the UK’s new cabinet?

Just a day ago, Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labor Party, took office as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, he has formed the new cabinet of the country. King Charles III officially appointed Keir Starmer as Prime Minister last Friday (July 5) at Buckingham Palace.

The Labor Party won 412 seats in the UK general election held on Thursday. On the other hand, the Conservative Party got 121 seats. Out of the total 650 seats in the UK Parliament, a single party needs to win 326 seats to form a government. As such, the Labor Party has won an absolute victory.

After winning, Keir Starmer said, “Change begins now.” And in his maiden speech as prime minister, Starmer said the people had voted for change and politics in the service of the people. But changing the country is not like flipping a switch. It will take time.

Starmer has already announced the names of the ministers for various positions in accordance with words and deeds. According to a BBC report, Number 10 Downing Street announced the formation of a 22-member cabinet on Friday, including the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister.

Angela Reynah has been appointed as the country’s new Deputy Prime Minister. On the other hand, Rachel Reeves became the country’s first female finance minister. He is made Chancellor of the Exchequer (Chancellor of the Exchequer) or Finance Minister of the country. Reeves, 45, is the first female finance minister in UK history.

He served at the Bank of England from 2000 to 2006. Rachel said the path to economic growth is stability, investment and reform. He will focus on funding the rebuilding of the UK public service.

The third most important person in the UK government is the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Rachel, who grew up in South London, was first elected as the Member of Parliament for Leeds West in 2010. This time he was elected from the Leeds West and Fudgey seats.

Yvette Cooper has become the country’s new home minister. On the other hand, David Lammy has been appointed as the Foreign Minister. Wes Streeting has been made the Minister of Health.

Meanwhile, Bridget Phillipson has become the education minister. He is very close to Starmer. Ed Miliband has been made Energy Minister. Besides, Shabana Mahmud has been made the Minister of Justice. This lawyer came to politics through many ups and downs. She is the second woman to hold the post after former Conservative leader Liz Truss.

Jonathan Reynolds became Trade Minister and Liz Kendall became Labor and Prisons Minister. In addition, John Healy has been made Defense Minister. Louise Haig became Transport Minister, Steve Reid Environment Minister, Peter Kylie Minister for Science, Innovation and Technology and Richard Harmer appointed Attorney General. On the other hand, Lisa Nandy has been made the Minister of Cultural Affairs.

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Voting for the UK general election begins at 7am local time on Thursday (July 4). This is the first time since 1945 that the country has held general elections in July. After losing this election, the Conservative Party had to step down from power after 14 consecutive years.