Who is this YouTuber Dhruv Rathi hit Modi’s castle?

There is no dearth of people in India to criticize or oppose the Bharatiya Janata Party and Narendra Modi. From opposition politicians to social media influencers, many are on this list. However, after the release of Indian election results, a name is floating in the social media of Pakistan and even Bangladesh. He is Dhruva Rathi.

Dhruv Rathi is one of those influencers who rose to fame using social media and has faced a lot of criticism as an added bonus to fame. Because, in his contents, Dhrav often criticizes Narendra Modi and BJP.

During the recent elections in India, videos made by Dhruv Rathi were widely shared. This year she has repeatedly trended on social media X (formerly Twitter) and has been trending there continuously for the past month.

Who is this Dhruva Rathi?

When the Lok Sabha election results started coming out on June 4, Dhruv Rathi wrote on his X account — ‘Never underestimate the power of the common man’.

His post was originally a dialogue from Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Chennai Express’. It is true that Dhruv Rathi wrote that sentence for India’s elections, but the same applies to himself. Because he himself is a common man. However, each of his posts and videos are touching people’s minds so much that his name is now on everyone’s lips.

Dhruva Rathi’s identity
Dhruv Rathi is an Indian YouTuber. He has about 2.2 million subscribers on YouTube. He has more than 3 million followers on Facebook. Each of his videos is watched by billions of people.

Dhruv Rathi was born in Rohtak district of Haryana state. After completing his primary education in Haryana, he moved to Germany for higher education. There he received a degree in mechanical engineering.

Dhruv writes about himself on his personal website ‘Dhruv Rathi.com’, he likes to make videos. In his words, ‘My expertise lies in creating informative and educational content; Content that has clear, concise and simple explanations of complex topics.’

He said, “I strongly believe in highlighting truth to power and promoting democracy, freedom, rationalism, critical thinking and progressive values ​​through my videos.”

“My studies are in Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy. But I have a deep passion for economics and political science. I also have a second bachelor’s degree on this subject. Besides, I like to travel.’

Dhruv Rathi’s journey on YouTube started in 2014. Till last year, he had 1.3 million subscribers there. But now he has about 22 million subscribers and has uploaded more than 500 videos on his channel so far.

Last year, the 29-year-old Indian YouTuber was named in the list of Time Magazine’s ‘Next Generation Leaders 2023’. He was nominated for his ‘fact-checking’ work and for his content creation on various educational topics.

After the release of the controversial film ‘The Kerala Story’ in May last year, Dhruv Rathi spoke about the film and was subjected to trolling.

Qatar-based media outlet Al-Jazeera wrote about Dhruv Rathi, Rudra Rathi, like millions of people, found hope in 2014 after listening to Narendra Modi’s emotional speech against corruption and black money in politics. He too was a supporter of Modi then and welcomed his rise. But after a few days Dhruv Rathi became a critic of Modi. He became disillusioned with Modi in 2015. Aam Aadmi Party then launched an anti-corruption helpline in Delhi. But the central government, i.e. the Modi government pressured the state government to take control of that helpline.

“It was a very surprising thing for me,” Dhruv Rathi told Al-Jazeera in an interview. ‘I felt, they are not interested in eradicating corruption from India.’

According to Dhruv Rathi, his frustration peaked when he watched many mainstream television channels speaking in favor of Modi and the BJP.

How did it affect the election?
It is difficult to say how much influence Dhruv Rathi and his work had on Indian elections. But on June 3, a day before the counting of votes, he posted a nearly 24-minute long video titled ‘My Last Message’.

That video became so popular that citizens of India not only watched it but also shared it repeatedly. There he describes how he started creating content on political issues instead of creating educational content.

Dhruv Rathi says, I love making educational videos, so that’s all I do. But since last February some things happened, then I couldn’t stop myself. At that time, the matter of Chandigarh election fraud came to light and for the first time in the history of the country, a presiding officer was caught.

“Then I first made a video on dictatorship. I didn’t think it would have any effect. But when the video was released, I was surprised to see that two crore people have watched the video and now it has reached two and a half crore.’

‘I realized, what I am feeling, you are going through exactly the same feelings. The things that worried me are the same things that worry you. Even then, I didn’t want to make any more videos on this topic. But happens by chance. Because then two such things happened… firstly, Arvind Kejriwal was arrested and secondly, Congress bank accounts were seized.’

Dhruv says what I said in my first video is coming true. Then I decided, people have to be awakened and this task is more difficult than climbing a mountain.

Many have pointed to the impact of Dhruva Rathi’s videos on Indian election results. But Dhruv says there are many others like him, who are fearlessly doing their work.

Speaking about this, he mentioned India’s well-known journalists Ravish Kumar, Avisar Sharma, Ajit Anjum. Poonam Aggarwal, Manisha Pandey, Nidhi Suresh and Arifa Khanam Sherwani, Meena Kotwal, Dr. Dhruva also talks about people like Medusa, Gola, Kabiron, Grima, Neha Singh Rathore.

A man named Mansoor shared Dhruv Rathi’s photo and wrote, Meet the air-changing Indian hero who single-handedly fought against Modi.

Former journalist Akash Banerjee, on his YouTube channel ‘The Desh Bhakta’, said of Dhruv Rathi’s autocracy video, it directly challenged the government. Even though millions of people have seen that video, no response has been given by the government.

According to Akash Banerjee, the use of the word ‘tyranny’ in the video makes it special.

Source: BBC Bangla