Who should not eat chia seeds

A popular seed for weight loss is the chia seed. Many people regularly eat chia seeds soaked in water in the morning and evening. However, eating chia seeds is not good just because they help you lose weight.

However, chia seeds are very beneficial for health. However, chia seeds also carry a number of health risks. What is the problem? Let’s find out-

Who will avoid chia seeds?

high blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure problem, you have to take medicine regularly. It’s best to avoid their chia seeds. Because chia seeds can have harmful interactions with medications.


Chia seeds contain a special type of protein. This protein is also found in mustard and sesame seeds. People with sesame or mustard allergies should avoid chia seeds.

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Blood thinners

Many people take anti-coagulant and anti-platelet drugs. It is better to avoid chia seeds if taking such medicines. In this case there is a risk of adverse reaction with the medicine.

If you suffer from stomach problems

Many people suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease. It is better to avoid chia seeds if you have such problems. Because chia seeds are high in fiber. Which can cause stomach problems.

while pregnant

Chia seeds are safe to eat during pregnancy, but there is not enough data to support this. So it is better not to consume it during pregnancy without consulting a doctor.

If you have diabetes

Diabetics often consume chia seeds for weight loss. Even in that case, it is important to be careful.

Because the nutrients in chia seeds can interact with insulin-regulating medications. It is for a healthy body without consuming it without knowing the doctor’s advice.

Source: Medical News Today