Why does Messi walk on the field? He told himself

While the rest of the teammates are happy, Lionel Messi is seen walking. Such things happen regularly. Messi’s walking inside the field is not without purpose. Messi himself said why he walks like this.

He is now with Argentina team to play Copa America. Clunk Media published an interview with the Albiceleste captain at such a time. Messi said here, he never thinks about running statistics.

“When I walk, I analyze the opponent’s position,” Messi said. See how we stand, when we don’t have the ball at our feet, stay away from the marker and counter. I don’t pay much attention to GPS, statistics and data. I never think about how much I ran in a match.’

Lionel Messi has won everything now. In 2022, he got the coveted World Cup for a long time. Left Europe and now plays club football in the US Major League Soccer. Messi said that he is enjoying everything now after winning everything.

He said, ‘When did I realize that I have something special? don’t know They used to say when I was very young, there is something different in me. People will come to see me. They used to say. Even though I did a lot, I didn’t do anything to become the player I am now.’

‘Now that I have achieved all the goals, I enjoy everything like a three-year-old kid, like when I started playing. Because I know, there is very little time left. “I try to enjoy everything on the field and every day,” added the eight-time Ballon d’Or winner.