Winners got gifts by participating in cash mega campaign

The organization handed over the prizes to 31 more winners of various stages of the cash transaction campaign. So far, four groups and a Malaysian expatriate have got their own land in Dhaka for this campaign of about Tk 20 crore in cash.

Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Sadat Adnan Ahmed and Executive Vice President and Deputy Chief Marketing Officer Mohammad Solaiman handed over the prizes to the winners at the head office of Nagad recently.

Every year the holy month of Ramadan brings great attractive offers. Last year there was a chance to win various prizes including BMW, sedan car, motorcycle, TV, fridge. This time cash has done the biggest transaction campaign by giving land in Dhaka and received huge response from customers.

Five people have been given land in the land campaign in Dhaka. The rest will also be given land. Except those who participated in the campaign and won the prize, there is no chance to win the prize in this campaign. Because the campaign has expired since June 30.

By making transactions, accepting remittances and making teams, he won television, fridge, AC, smartphone prizes. Ariful Islam, Md. Jasim Uddin, Md. Masud Khan and Md. Ghiyasuddin Mullah.

Rahat Ahmed Shimand and Rifat Bin Siddique won the award for participating in the influencers campaign. Apart from this, Sheikh Sufian and Afrin Liza received Viewers Award. A total of 31 winners in various other such categories received the Mega Campaign Award.

Sadat Adnan Ahmed, senior executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Naqd, said during the prize distribution of the mega campaign, that many people’s dreams of owning land in the heart of Dhaka have been fulfilled through Naqd. Apart from this, we have distributed gifts worth about 20 crore rupees through this year’s mega campaign of cash. Through this campaign we got huge response from our customers, hope we will bring more such great offers for customers in future.