World News Brief: 12 June 2024

Numerous events are happening around us every day. A few things may come up in the discussion. However, several things become important in terms of time and circumstances. If you don’t know them, you have to fall back in many cases. For this reason, there are some important news for the readers of Jago News from various events happening in different parts of the world.

Murder of crime reporter, accused sentenced to 28 years in prison

A Dutch court has sentenced the accused to 28 years in prison for murdering a crime reporter. Three years ago, renowned crime reporter Peter RD Vries was murdered.

EU is following US path in importing Chinese cars

The European Union is going to impose additional duties on Chinese car imports. The European Commission told automakers on Wednesday (Jun 12) that an additional tariff of up to 38.1 percent could be imposed on imports of Chinese electric vehicles from July. Earlier, the US has raised tariffs on Chinese car imports.

Bird flu has been detected in humans again in India

Bird flu has been detected in a four-year-old child in West Bengal, India. The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed this information.

Will son’s ‘crime’ affect Biden’s campaign?

Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, pleaded guilty Tuesday (June 11) to providing false information when purchasing a firearm in 2018. This is the first time a child of a sitting US president has been convicted.

Expatriate workers live in building that catches fire in Kuwait, death toll rises to 41

The death toll in a fire at a multi-storey building in Kuwait has risen to 41. It is feared that most of them may be expatriates. Originally, expatriate workers lived in the building that caught fire.

Israel commits war crimes, crimes against humanity: UN probe

Israel and Hamas committed war crimes early in the Gaza war. An independent commission of inquiry supported by the United Nations has given such information in a report.

Johnson & Johnson is doing upsurfa for 70 million dollars

Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) talcum powder has long been a subject of controversy in the United States over allegations of cancer-causing ingredients. Thousands of cases have been filed against the organization in this regard. Despite not admitting to the allegations, J&J withdrew the accused products from the North American market under fire. This time the company has agreed to settle the complaint by paying 700 million US dollars.

Repeated rocket attacks targeting Israeli military installations

The Lebanese armed group Hezbollah has fired rockets at military installations in southern Israel. More than 160 rockets have been fired from Lebanon.

On the day of Jamaishashti, the sky-high market price, filling the bag with breath

Jamaishashti is one of the festivals of the Hindu community. Jamaishashti is celebrated every year on the sixth tithi of Shulakpaksha in Jaishtha month. It is the festival of relationship matching, the festival of pleasure. Jamaishashti is being celebrated across West Bengal on Wednesday (June 12).

The spread of dengue-carrying mosquitoes is increasing in Europe

Dengue-carrying mosquitoes are on the rise in Europe. Dengue-carrying mosquitoes have been found in 13 countries of the European Union, including France, Spain, and Greece. Experts found such information while researching why dengue fever is increasing in Europe. BBC news.