World News Brief: 7 July 2024

There are some important news for the readers of Jago News from various events happening in different parts of the world.

Can Kamala Harris defeat Trump?

He can worry the opposing camp, has his own name recognition, the influencers of the Democratic Party are also slowly leaning towards him. The man is Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris. If Joe Biden withdraws from the election race, Harris will be his natural successor.

Doctor to the president of Iran, who is this Pezeshkian?

In Iran, the newly elected reformist President Massoud Pezeshkian has generated a kind of public interest. The question in many people’s minds is whether he can bring about changes in the country’s long-standing regime? The second round of voting in the country’s presidential election was held on Friday (July 5) local time. The results of the polls were announced on Saturday (July 6).

What does China want from Bangladesh?

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is going to China on Monday (July 8) on a state visit. He is going to China for the first time after taking charge of the head of government for the fourth consecutive term. Earlier, Sheikh Hasina visited India on a bilateral state visit last June. There he signed ten MoUs on various issues including rail transit.

Flood situation not improving in Assam, death toll rises to 70

There is still no news about the flood situation in the Indian state of Assam, bordering Bangladesh. Instead, the water is increasing every day, new areas are being flooded. Six more people lost their lives in the state in a span of 24 hours. With this, the death toll in floods, landslides and storms has increased to 70 people.

Sikkim hit by heavy rains, tourism business facing losses

Due to continuous torrential rains, the communication system from Sikkim state of India to Siliguri-Darjeeling in West Bengal has been disrupted. Due to heavy rains landslides occurred in several areas of Darjeeling and Kalimpong.

Heavy rain-floods in South Asia, increasing loss of life

South Asia receives heavy rains during the monsoon season. It has caused floods and landslides. At least 14 people died in such a situation in Nepal. On Sunday (July 7), Nepalese police reported that 9 more people are missing.

In Pakistan, the owners get ‘unlimited’ free electricity despite the price increase for the people

On the one hand, the people are suffering due to high electricity bills. On the other hand, electricity bills of nearly two lakh officials of the Electricity Development Board, including the President-Prime Minister, are ‘zero’. In other words, the top executives are enjoying the benefits of electricity for free. And for that every year the government of Pakistan has to pay hundreds of crores of rupees.

Severe heat wave in the United States, 13 million people at risk

More than 130 million people are at risk of prolonged heat waves in the United States. The heat wave broke the record in the high temperature. Forecasters said this heat wave will be felt from the East Coast to the West Coast.

What Rahul Gandhi comforted Rishi Sunak who lost in the election?

In the United Kingdom last week’s general election, the Conservative Party was defeated. Naturally, Rishi Sunak is upset with his newly disempowered. However, Indian opposition leader Rahul Gandhi advised to take such defeat in the election as normal.

Hezbollah claims to have attacked another Israeli military installation

The Lebanese armed group Hezbollah has claimed another attack on an Israeli military installation. The Lebanese group claimed that it launched a direct attack on Israel’s Bayad Blida military post near the border with missiles.