Yamal will study for the final exam of the school while sitting in the Euro tournament

Lamin Yamal can count himself lucky, because he was not born in Bangladesh. Otherwise, he had to sit at the study table at the age of 16 to prepare for the exam. But Spain’s Lamine Yamal seems to have been born with a different kind of talent.

He got a place in Spain’s 26-man Euro Championship squad. Barca has become a centerpiece at just 16 years of age. But at this young age, where he should be at the reading table, he will run on the field for the country. However, Yamal’s family has no objection to this. Yamal is also going to do an impossible task to adapt himself.

He has brought books and notebooks with him so that he can study for the final exam within the Euro tournament. He will study sitting here.

In an interview given to Spanish daily AS, Yamal said, ‘I used to watch Euros lying on the sofa with my mother. We are not here to sit back, we are here to make history. I have to go till the end of Euro. I have brought notebooks for homework. I am in 4th year of ESO (last year of school life). I also have to take classes online and I am doing well. I hope the teachers don’t find me.’

Yamal made 10 assists for Barcelona in the 2023-24 season. Among the young footballers at the Euros, everyone will be watching him the most. Who knows, his class teachers may pass the student after seeing his good performance on the field!