“You are making fools of common people by grouping friends”

Criticism of cricketers is going on all over Pakistan. In this, 90 percent of the storm of criticism is flowing over the body of captain Babar Azam. Ever since the defeats to USA and India, Babar has become the target of aggressive words from fans, former cricketers and cricketers who did not get a place in the current team.

Cricketer Ahmed Shehzad, who was not included in the World Cup team, criticized Babar’s performance on a Pakistani television channel. Babar cannot bat well in big events. His average is also low. Besides, Babar cannot beat Pakistan even with the B, C and D teams of the main teams – this Pakistani batsman claimed.

Shehzad said, ‘Since Babar became the captain, we have been losing to mediocre teams. You performed against B, C, D teams and fooled people. But your salary was increased. PCB is paying you and your cricket skills to improve…’

Babar cannot do well in big tournaments. Shehzad alleged that he increased his runs by batting against smaller teams.

Shehzad said, ‘You (Babar) average 27 and strike rate 112 in big competitions. And you scored 1400 runs in losing matches. In this way you have come to the world number 3 in the list of runs scored. So these statistics of which king, tell me? What should I do with a king who cannot win a match?’

Shehzad also accused Babur of nepotism. He claims that Babar has selected his favorite cricketers in the team. That is the reason for this plight of the party.

Shehzad said, ‘You have fooled the entire people. You make a team with your friends, keep your friends in the team.’

Yesterday, however, Pakistan tasted its first victory in the World Cup. They beat Canada by 7 wickets. Pakistan need to win their remaining match against Ireland to qualify for the Super Eight. Babar’s team should also sit in prayer before that. The only prayer of the Pakistanis will be that the United States loses to India on Wednesday and to Ireland in the next match.