You will see everything in Rajshahi trip in two days

Istiaq Ahmed

Silk cloth, tinned bread, various delicious mangoes or the Padma river. When you hear these names, the first place that comes to your mind is Rajshahi. To taste them, I took the night train to Rajshahi, the land of mangoes and Kalairuti, the famous education city of the north. Padma is spread on one side, and this Silk City is on its lap.

Basically, our journey to Rajshahi is by boarding the night Padma Express. We went down there to the tourist motel. Tourism is the largest hotel chain in our country. Almost all major cities in the North have motels. After going there, we freshened up in the room and went out after breakfast.

Rajshahi’s famous mango and litchi garden is the first place to go on this journey. I took an auto from the motel and ran to Kashiadanga bypass rail gate first. After walking down there, I entered the mango-lychee garden. After eating mango-lychee, we made our way to Marmaria market in Karnahar.

You will see everything in Rajshahi trip in two days

This place is famous for duck meat. This place is mainly famous for the nesting of swans and ducks. In the afternoon, after group lunch, we went back to the motel and took a light rest and went out again. Rajshahi’s famous dam is within walking distance from the motel.

Several dams have been built around the Padma river across Rajshahi city. One such dam is T-dam. Basically it is made according to the shape of the English letter T. The place occupies the place of one of the entertainment centers of the divisional city of Rajshahi.

You will see everything in Rajshahi trip in two days

The chirping of birds and the southern breeze at sunrise in the morning will brighten anyone’s mind. At twilight, the crimson sun falls on the water of the river and creates a wonderful beauty. It is well known and very popular among the local and far away travelers. We too could not handle the greed and went out with the boat at the last moment to the chest of Padma.

After visiting Padma, it’s time to see Rajshahi at night. I took an auto rickshaw and went to Saheb Bazar first. This Saheb Bazaar is the main focal point of Rajshahi. After having tea there, I booked a rickshaw for about 10 hours and went out to see Rajshahi at night.

You will see everything in Rajshahi trip in two days

Rajshahi is famous for its beautiful streets and lamp posts. And the shape of the lamppost is more noticeable in the darkness of the night. We visited Ruet, Rajshahi University, Flyover, Bypass, Aam Chatwar and went to the suburbs. Because that’s where dinner is being prepared for us tonight.

Another famous dish of Rajshahi is Kalairuti with Chilli and Eggplant Bharta. If along with it, beef or duck meat is also eaten as a current craze. There are several shops called Kalai Bari, Kalai Ghar, Kalai House in this suburb.

You will see everything in Rajshahi trip in two days

Kalai Ruti can be seen in these relatively famous hotels. Kalai bread is made from a combination of rice and mashkalai flour. The amount of minerals contained in this bread is very beneficial for the body. After dinner, we ran to C&B intersection with sweet drinks.

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It is on this night that the famous rana sweet is available there. Anyway, don’t miss this sweet when you visit Rajshahi. Then return home. The next morning I got up after breakfast and went out on the way to Sapura Silk Mill.

Silk and Rajshahi complement each other. This familiarity has been going on for decades. Even though people’s tastes and fashions have changed with the touch of modernity, the tradition of silk has remained intact. Established in 1979, Sapura Silk Mills is another must visit place in Rajshahi.

There you will see how silk fabric is made. Temei can buy according to choice. Silk production began in the region in the 13th century. It was then known as Bengal silk or Ganges silk. The government of Pakistan started silk production in Rajshahi in 1952.

You will see everything in Rajshahi trip in two days

Rajshahi Silk Factory was a state-owned factory, established in 1961. In 2021, Rajshahi silk was recognized as one of the GI products of Bangladesh.

Silk is a natural protein fiber, some types of which are used in textile manufacturing. This type of yarn is obtained from the cocoons of a type of silkworm. This yarn is produced commercially by rearing silkworms under special systems. The method of rearing silkworm cocoons is called sericulture.

But why is silk so expensive? Basically, to produce 1 kg of silk, 104 kg of mulberry leaves and 3000 silk moths are required. At the same time, when compared with other fibers, silk is made depending on the environment and nature. Not only is silk cultivated and produced in Rajshahi, but after Rajshahi, most silk is produced in Rangpur and Dinajpur in the north.

You will see everything in Rajshahi trip in two days

Not only silk production, but also if you want to buy silk clothes and sarees of different styles and quality, then silk heaven is for you this whole silk sales outlet. You will find different designs and quality sarees here. If you want, you can choose the color of your choice and make the saree accordingly. You will get a silk saree within 3-30 thousand.

There are several other silk saree showrooms around Sapura Silk Mill. You will get the saree at a relatively low price. So don’t forget to visit not only Pura Silk, but also those showrooms when you have time. It is noon to roam around in this land of silk.

Now it’s time to go back to the motel. After quickly returning to the motel and having lunch, we took the way to the station. Because the train is on our way to Dhaka at 4 pm. Except at 4 pm, the train dropped us at Kamalapur at 11 pm and this is the end of our north trip.