Young man in hospital after Russell’s Viper was kicked and eaten

A young man named Ibrahim (40) was bitten while kicking a Russell’s viper snake in Shariatpur’s Nariya. He is currently undergoing treatment at Sadar Hospital.

Kanak Jyothi Mondal, a doctor at District Headquarters Hospital, confirmed the matter on Tuesday (June 25) afternoon.

Ibrahim Chapainawabganj Bholahat Thana Md. Son of Muckles. He is a Mahindra driver by profession.

According to the victim and hospital sources, the young man named Ibrahim came from Chapainawabganj to Shariatpur’s Naria upazila for work. On Monday (June 24) night, after eating at the owner’s house, the power went out and he was walking on the river bank in Nadia Bridge area. When he saw a Russell’s viper snake, he shouted and gathered people. Later, when he tried to kick the snake, the snake bit his leg. Meanwhile, he killed the snake with a brick lying next to him and tied his legs and rushed to the District Headquarters Hospital on a motorcycle. The doctor at the hospital conducted a blood test and said that no poison had entered his body. However, he has been admitted to the hospital and kept under observation.

Young man in hospital after Russell's Viper was kicked and bitten

Young Ibrahim said, ‘The snake was a baby Russell’s viper. So I wanted to kick the snake. But it suddenly bit my leg. Later I took off my gingham and bandaged the wound and rushed to the hospital. The doctor tested the blood and said that the poison could not enter my body.

An eyewitness named Nasir said, ‘He screamed when he saw the snake. Later, when he tried to kick himself, it turned around and bit him on the leg. Later we rushed him to the hospital.’

Sadar Hospital doctor Kanak Jyoti Mondal said, ‘The young man was brought to the hospital within half an hour of being bitten by the snake. Later, when I showed a picture on the mobile phone, I realized that the snake was Russell’s Viper. However, no poison was found in his blood after testing. He has been kept under observation for the time being.’

Bidhan Majumdar Ani/SR/JIM