Month: June 2024

Mike Johnson attempts to impeach Joe Biden

In an unprecedented move, House Speaker Mike Johnson has publicly called for President Joe Biden’s cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment, urging the removal of Biden from office. The demand follows what Johnson and other Republicans described as a troubling performance by Biden during a debate with former President Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential […]

Al Qaeda-franchise Ansar Al Islam operates from West Bengal under new name

Al Qaeda-franchise Ansar Al Islam, previously known as Jamaatul Mujahedin Bangladesh (JMB) has established a new front named – ‘As Shahadah’, which is controlled by several jihadist kingpins including Salauddin Salehin and Habibullah from having been living in West Bengal since 2014. Recently it was exposed when Bangladesh’s anti-militancy elite force Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) […]

Rising youth support for far-right parties in Europe

In a significant and concerning shift, young Europeans are increasingly gravitating towards far-right parties, driven by economic hardships, a sense of betrayal by traditional politicians, and the pervasive influence of social media. The European Parliament elections in June starkly highlighted this trend, with far-right parties making considerable inroads among young voters. This development not only […]

West suffers from Stockholm Syndrome as their target of cow-towing Vladimir Putin falls flat

Washington and its NATO allies are grappling with the failure of their strategy to isolate Russian President Vladimir Putin. The recent agreement between Russia and North Korea has added to their dismay, invoking a sense of Stockholm Syndrome among Western policymakers who fear that increased hostility towards Russia and its allies, such as China and […]

Europe’s pursuit of strategic autonomy amid global realignment

The geopolitical landscape of Europe has been in flux since the outbreak of the Ukraine crisis, leading to a significant reassessment of the European Union’s (EU) reliance on and alignment with the United States. Historically, Europe has been an integral part of the US alliance system, a relationship solidified during the Cold War and continued […]

Julian Assange’s release versus fragility of press freedom

Last week marked a pivotal yet unsettling chapter in the saga of Julian Assange. Released from Belmarsh prison, Assange boarded a flight to Saipan, a US-governed Pacific island, where he struck a deal with US authorities. By pleading Guilty to the charges of illegally obtaining and publishing classified documents, Assange secured his freedom, having already […]

Macron takes a high-stakes political gamble in France

In a dramatic political maneuver that has left France and the broader European community in suspense, President Emmanuel Macron has taken a monumental risk by dissolving the National Assembly and calling for a snap national election. This decision, which could determine the future trajectory of France’s political landscape, has drawn comparisons to historical precedents and […]

On the first day, 3,000 Alims were absent, 29 were dismissed for technical reasons

On the first day of this year’s HSC and equivalent examinations, 2 thousand 988 students were absent from Alim under the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board. Meanwhile, the maximum number of 29 people have been expelled in technical education board due to abuse. And on the first day in this board, 5 thousand 233 people were […]

College student missing for 3 days while depositing money in bank

‘Today would not have happened if I had not sent you. Where is the money? Get back on your feet. Hold your feet, from where you can bring the son.’ This is how mother Rashida Begum was lamenting the loss of her only child. She is the wife of businessman Abdur Razzak of Banshara village […]

Father’s death drama for scholarship in the United States!

An Indian student has been arrested for allegedly using fake documents to get a full scholarship in the US. Arian Anand was a student of Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. After his arrest, his studentship was canceled and he was sent back to his home country. Aryan himself told on social media platform Reddit how he […]