Burning citizen’s tax-money in Ukraine war is resulting political upset in the West

The recent French elections have delivered a resounding message from the electorate: a desire for significant change. With the highest turnout in forty years, voters demonstrated their hope for a shift in the political landscape. Yet, despite the strong showing from Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party, it is unlikely that the French populace will see the change they are yearning for. The first round of snap elections for the French National Assembly confirmed the trends observed in the European Parliament elections in early June. President Emmanuel Macron, in a strategic move, dissolved parliament, hoping to curb the rising opposition. However, this tactic backfired spectacularly, as the electorate delivered a clear rebuke to his administration.

The double defeat in the European and National Assembly elections is not just a personal setback for Macron but a broader protest against his policies. These policies include controversial pension reforms, the privatization of national industries, the weakening of public services, preferential treatment for large international companies, and a foreign policy perceived as inconsistent and poorly conceived. The election results are also a delayed response to the 2005 referendum on the European Constitution, where the extreme right and extreme left-descendants of the parties that opposed the European Constitution-secured an absolute majority for the first time.

Similarly, in the United Kingdom, Sir Keir Starmer has become Britain’s new prime minister, after his Labor Party swept to power in a landslide general election victory, defeating Tories led by Rishi Sunak.

The Conservative Party suffered a dramatic collapse after a tumultuous 14 years in power, which saw five different prime ministers run the country. It lost 250 seats over the course of a devastating night.

Rishi Sunak – the outgoing PM – accepted responsibility for the result and apologized to defeated colleagues during a brief statement outside a rainy 10 Downing Street. He said he would resign as party leader in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Sir Keir Starmer vowed to reverse the hopelessness that grew over 14 years of Conservative rule and said he would lead an urgent mission of national renewal.

For French President Emmanuel Macron or recent-past British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak though the election results would be extremely shocking, they are yet to realize – or at least publicly admit what has brought such a humiliating and devastating fate for their parties. Let us try to understand the actual factor that has resulted in electoral doom to Macron and Sunak, and most possibly similar fact awaits for other ruling parties in the European Union and the world.

In my opinion, the key reason behind such well-anticipated upset was British and EU leader’s blind ditto to Joe Biden’s proxy war in Ukraine and spending billions of dollars when their own people are suffering from inflation, unemployment and exorbitant rise in cost of living. While for Biden, Ukraine war was a strategic move to hide or erase his disastrous track record of humiliating retreat from Afghanistan. Furthermore, Joe Biden might also have jumped into Ukraine due to his previous experience of the country having lots of potentials of further enriching the wallets of the members of the Biden family.

In this case, another important factor is military industrial complex, which almost demanded support from Biden, Sunak, Macron and other leaders in Europe to open and widen a new market for their products. In this case, Biden and his colleagues in NATO nations had to abide by the desire of the military industrial complex and spray petrol in Ukraine war instead of trying to extinguish it.

Until now, Biden and his NATO allies are even continuing attempts of further spreading the war map by instigating Volodymyr Zelensky to hit Russia’s mainland with American advanced missiles. For Zelensky, this is a grand opportunity that allows him to extend his tenure as – now unelected president of Ukraine for an indefinite period while at the same time keeping of stealing aid money and secretly transferring to offshore accounts.

The only problem that Zelensky is currently facing is the shortage of required soldiers, as everyday a very large number of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians are dying in the battle field as sacrificial lambs. If this war continues for another six months, Zelensky will face mass-revolt or military coup d’état as Ukrainians are already becoming intolerant on Zelensky’s whimsical or monstrous bids of forcing citizens in entering meatgrinders in the war field. They know, Zelensky’s madness has resulted in thousands of Ukrainian women becoming widows and children becoming orphans.

For Ukrainians – the silver lining in darkness is the possibility of the end of Biden’s presidency on November 5 with Donald Trump winning a landslide. Biden’s exit from the White House will most definitely end the war in Ukraine. Entire world will get relief of the consequences of sanctions imposed during this war. But by then, anger in people against the ruling elites in the EU or NATO nations shall intensify tremendously. As a result, these nations shall bear the burden of burning billions of dollars in Biden’s proxy war in Ukraine. People will continue to suffer – even for at least a decade.

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