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Macron wants NATO soldiers to use covert identity in Ukraine

As top-ranking officials and leaders of Western countries continue their schizophrenic “to be or not to be” charade of nearly simultaneous (fake) “calls for peace” and (real) escalation, the world is inching closer to a disastrous global conflict virtually. every single day. One of the worst examples of such hypocrisy (or utter madness, if we […]

Has EW systems been used to assassinate Ebrahim Raisi?

May 2024 will be remembered as one of the most turbulent months in recent times. First, we had the assassination attempt on Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico, while just four days later Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian both died when their US-made Bell 212 went down near the city of […]

Evolution and benefits of Turkey’s foreign policy

Over the past two decades, Turkey has significantly shifted its foreign policy, transitioning from a reactive stance to one characterized by proactive and interventionist strategies. This shift has been driven by the recognition of evolving geopolitical landscapes and the structural challenges presented by regional conflicts. Freed from many domestic constraints, the Turkish policymaking apparatus has […]

Has NATO declared war against Russia?

Earlier this week, I argued that NATO’s latest actions in Ukraine (and beyond) are tantamount to a declaration of war on Russia. Attacks on Moscow’s strategic assets, particularly early warning radar stations, as well as Stoltenberg’s openly declared support for long-range strikes on Russia using NATO-sourced weapons, make it quite clear what the political West […]