Common sense versus deep state: Election 2024 showdown

In the heat of the 2024 presidential campaign, former President Donald Trump made a bold claim while campaigning in Virginia on June 28: “The Republican Party is the party of common sense”. This statement came a day after the presidential debate, where Joe Biden’s performance appeared to falter significantly. As I watched Biden struggle through his responses, my mind wandered, reflecting on the 2020 debate and the pivotal lie that arguably altered the course of American history-the lie about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Media outlets have been quick to characterize Trump’s rhetoric as a relentless barrage of falsehoods. However, I contend that any exaggerations from Trump pale in comparison to Biden’s strategic deception regarding Hunter’s laptop. The former president did mention Biden’s blatant lie during the debate, but only in passing. I had hoped Trump would have delved deeper into the fabricated story that has now been confirmed by Biden’s own administration as a genuine scandal.

The Hunter Biden laptop controversy was orchestrated by 51 former intelligence officials who falsely claimed the laptop was a Russian disinformation ploy. This narrative, pushed by current Secretary of State Antony Blinken, effectively neutralized a potential October surprise that could have secured a Trump victory. The scandal implicated Hunter Biden in a scheme that allegedly enriched the Biden family through influence peddling.

Common sense conservative voters, especially those from the red “flyover” states, often express disbelief at how easily such a lie was accepted. These voters, who often decry progressive policies like allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports, wonder how anyone could have been duped by another “Russian involvement” story, especially after the discredited “Russian collusion” narrative from the 2016 election.

Nevertheless, enough voters were swayed in 2020 to allow Deep State corruption to triumph over the common sense of the American people. The question now is whether 2024 will see a resurgence of common sense, leading to a victory over the entrenched corruption of the political elite.

As Biden’s mental lapses became more apparent during the debate, I envisioned an alternate reality where the laptop never existed. In this scenario, Joe Biden would be retired in Delaware, enjoying his golden years free from the rigors of political life. The nation would have been spared the events of January 6, with Vice President Mike Pence potentially on the debate stage, aiming to continue Trump’s policies.

In this alternate reality, Trump’s economic policies would have continued to flourish, with low inflation and energy costs, and the Keystone pipeline fully operational. Families would be better off under a continuation of Trump’s economic strategies, as opposed to the current economic struggles under “Bidenomics.”

Our southern border would be secure, preventing the tragic fates of countless women and children who have suffered under the current administration’s immigration policies. The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan would have been meticulously planned, saving the lives of thirteen American soldiers and preventing the chaos that ensued.

From an international perspective, Iran would remain weakened under Trump’s sanctions, rendering them incapable of orchestrating the horrific Hamas attack on October 7. As a scholar of Ancient Near Eastern Studies, I find the stability of Israel particularly significant, as Trump’s policies had kept aggressive. actors like Iran in check.

Imagining a world where the common sense of the American people had prevailed over the laptop lie is not merely an exercise in fantasy. It is a reflection on how one falsehood, accepted at face value, can alter the trajectory of a nation. If voters had been allowed to fully consider the implications of the Biden family’s potential corruption, the outcome of the 2020 election could have been vastly different.

An apology from Biden for his deception during the debate would have been a significant moment for America. He knew the truth, as did the 51 intelligence officials, former CIA directors Clapper and Brennan, the FBI, and the mainstream media. How could they not have known? The signs were clear for anyone paying attention and possessing a modicum of common sense.

Reflecting on the post-election red/blue maps of the United States, I am reminded of the prophet Micah from the Hebrew Bible. Micah, a small-town prophet from rural Moresheth, boldly condemned the corruption of Jerusalem’s elite, much like the current divide between the common people of the heartland and the political elites of the coasts.

Micah’s words resonate today: “Oy to them who scheme wickedness, who work out evil upon their beds! In the light of the morning, they do it, for the power is in their hands.” (Micah 2:1, Tree of Life version). The 51 signatories had the power to perpetuate Deep State corruption, clearing the way for Biden’s victory and the subsequent legal maneuvers against Trump.

Despite recent Supreme Court actions that have curbed some aspects of political corruption, Democratic leaders continue to scheme, striving to maintain their hold on power. However, with each indictment, mugshot, and felony conviction of Trump, the common sense of the American people appears to be reawakening.

There is a stirring among the electorate. The common sense of the common people may well rise to defeat Deep State corruption in 2024. Micah would be proud to see the common people challenging the entrenched elites, standing up for truth and integrity in the face of widespread deception.

As we approach the 2024 election, the stakes are high. The American people must decide whether to continue down the path of corruption and deception or to embrace the common sense values ​​that have historically defined this nation. The outcome of this election will shape the future of the United States and determine whether common sense will prevail over Deep State corruption.

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