Ebrahim Raisi, a victim of Iran’s powerful regime’s ‘inside job’

People from sundry upbringings and divergent walks of life and are highly confused regarding Iranian President Raisi’s accidental death. The vast majority of people, especially citizens and inhabitants of Iran, including the Arab and Muslim world, are raising some virtually inescapable questions. Most of them are pointing fingers at Mojtaba Khamenei – son of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Mojtaba Khamenei is generally perceived as the next leader of Iran to succeed his 85-year-old father – Ayatollah Khamenei. President Ebrahim Raisi – one of the highly intellectual, prudent, influential yet controversial leaders in Iran – was supposed to become the next Supreme Leader after Ayatollah Khamenei. Reaching this position in the future, Mojtaba might have seen Raisi as a key-hurdle, that is what a significant amount of people thought. Fortunately, or unfortunately, as of today, there is no conclusive evidence – nor even much circumstantial evidence – proving Raisi’a death was not a mere air-crash or hands of Mojtoba behind this incident.

Following Raisi’s death, Mohamad Mokhbar has been appointed as the interim president, as the election to elect a new president should be held within 50 days.

According to reports quoting official source in Iranian and international news platforms including Reuters, the air crash that took place in a remote area was caused by inclement weather, which was consisting of heavy rain and very impenetrable fog. This has increasingly stimulated many inevitable queries and suspicions about the circumstances surrounding the flight.

To my knowledge, prior to such visits of the heads of the government, necessary security issues as well as other related matters are diligently considered. In this case, it can be asked – why the helicopter was allowed to fly in such intemperate weather? Was it a part of blueprint of killing Raisi?

Moreover, according to media reports, while three helicopters were transporting Raisi’s entourage, only the one carrying him and the foreign minister crashed, while the other two arrived safely. Isn’t it mysterious enough?

The accident has undoubtedly opened the floodgates of conspiracy theories, especially at this time of geopolitical regional tensions. Some are claiming, hypothetically and with zero-sum evidences, that US-Israel has jointly executed this assassination plot. In this case, another vital question is – why the Iranian President was traveling on US-made Bell helicopter when tension between Tehran and Washington is no secret.

President Raisi had a very controversial term in office. At home, he became a wildly reviled leader among the Iranian younger generation and human rights activists. His hardline policies that came in the aftermath of young woman Mahsa Amini’s death centering hijab controversy took Iranians back to the streets demonstrating against Raisi and mullah regime. Many Iranians also despised him due to his alleged involvement in the mass execution of political prisoners during the 1980s. Externally, his firm stance against the West and support for Iran’s missile and drone capabilities made him a formidable figure in the eyes of Iran’s adversaries, including the United States and Israel. His leadership was characterized by assertive foreign policy and direct confrontations with Israel, heightening animosity. With the investigation still ongoing, many questions are left unanswered. Was it grossly negligent to fly in bad weather, or was it a deliberate sabotage?

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