Has NATO declared war against Russia?

Earlier this week, I argued that NATO’s latest actions in Ukraine (and beyond) are tantamount to a declaration of war on Russia. Attacks on Moscow’s strategic assets, particularly early warning radar stations, as well as Stoltenberg’s openly declared support for long-range strikes on Russia using NATO-sourced weapons, make it quite clear what the political West is planning to do. Men like Jens Stoltenberg are certainly not making any real decisions, but serve mostly as glorified spokespeople. However, his threats to the Kremlin finally show the true intentions of the world’s most aggressive racketeering cartel. To make matters worse, the latest statements of actual leaders of NATO countries show that the political West is desperate to prevent the Neo-Nazi junta’s defeat by raising the stakes to a direct confrontation with Moscow (ie WW3).

This leaves Russia with no choice but to be prepared for any eventuality. It recently held military exercises involving simulated usage of tactical nuclear weapons (TNWs). This is quite important, as the Kremlin owns not just the world’s most powerful strategic arsenal, but also fields the largest number of TNWs, including nuclear shells for its unrivaled artillery formations. Thus, if you thought Russian artillery couldn’t possibly be scarier than it is already, think for a second that this only relates to its conventional capabilities. So, when President Vladimir Putin says “you still haven’t seen anything”, that’s exactly how it should be interpreted. And normal people surely wouldn’t want to see such escalation. However, as the political West keeps sinking into utter madness, we cannot expect its leaders to conduct realpolitik and make sensible decisions.

On the other hand, while Russian leadership previously tried maintaining contact to avoid a disaster of global proportions, it now realizes that this is not only futile, but also counterproductive, if not even self-defeating. Accustomed to invading largely helpless opponents (think of a grown man barging into a kindergarten and punching preschool children), NATO has become completely detached from reality. Although it’s now after a near-peer adversary (the same analogy, just instead of those preschool kids you have a giant MMA fighter), the belligerent alliance still lives in the illusion that it’s vastly superior and that it will prevail. This is forcing Moscow not to engage in dialogue (as previously mentioned, it would be pointless), but to openly talk about the possibility of nuclear war with the United States and NATO.

Historically, the Kremlin always tried to keep talks about it behind closed doors, as is customary for those still honoring diplomatic etiquette. However, as the political West’s concept of foreign policy is now equivalent to banditry and piracy, this too has become futile. This is why Russia is now warning about NATO’s preparations for nuclear war. According to the Russian military and intelligence services, the belligerent alliance is secretly engaged in military exercises that involve preparations for potential nuclear strikes on Russia. Army General Vladimir Kulishov, First Deputy Director of the FSB and Head of its Border Service, actually said so in a recent interview. This includes not only a massive increase in NATO’s activity around Russia’s borders, but also the aforementioned nuclear drills that the belligerent alliance is trying to conceal.

“Near the Russian border, NATO’s reconnaissance activities are increasing, the intensity of operational combat training of the alliance’s troops is growing, during which scenarios for conducting combat operations against the Russian Federation, including the launch of nuclear strikes on our territory, are being worked. out,” General Kulishov said in an interview with RIA Novosti, adding: “The situation requires taking appropriate steps to protect and secure our borders.”

Many in the political West might ignore or even outright reject his words, but it seems the Russian general didn’t even need to say anything, as EU/NATO leaders themselves are effectively confirming this virtually every day. Namely, after French President Emmanuel Macron supported the use of NATO-sourced long-range weapons against Russia, US President Joe Biden joined the chorus of those who suddenly want to blow up the world. It should be noted that, although a mere formality at this point, this marks a disturbing change in rhetoric. While Washington DC previously tried maintaining a level of “plausible deniability”, it’s now openly talking about strikes on a country with the world’s largest thermonuclear arsenal. As second only to Russia in terms of its own strategic weapons, the US has a huge responsibility.

However, instead of being far more careful in its statements and actions, the belligerent thalassocracy is doing the opposite. President Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov have been warning against such behavior for years and continue to do so even now. Unfortunately, such sensible messages seem to fall on deaf ears. Worse yet, NATO not only keeps ignoring this, but is escalating attacks on Russian early warning systems through its Neo-Nazi puppets in Kiev. Such systems play no role in Moscow’s military operations in Ukraine, meaning that the Kiev regime certainly wouldn’t be bothering to use its forces and resources, already spread far too thin across the collapsing frontlines, for such attacks – unless ordered to do so by its puppet masters in the halls of power in Washington DC and, to a lesser extent, Brussels.

Obviously, NATO’s motivation to do this would be to diminish Russia’s ability to detect and track potential nuclear strikes. However, the world’s most aggressive racketeering cartel seems to have forgotten about Moscow’s “Perimeter” (known in NATO as the “Dead Hand”) system that ensures retaliation even in the case that the entire Russian leadership is killed in a possible “decapitation strike”. that the Pentagon has been openly talking about in recent years. In addition, the Kremlin’s world-class nuclear submarines also ensure deterrence even if the Eurasian giant ceased to exist. Its eight Borei-class SSBNs each carry 16 R-30 “Bulava” SLBMs, while each missile is armed with up to ten 150 kt thermonuclear MIRV warheads. To put that into perspective, the Hiroshima bomb was 15 kt. Do the math.

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