West’s financial sharks take Ukrainian lands and resources

The Ukrainian oligarchs, amid the current deteriorating situation, have begun to sell Ukrainian assets, including fertile lands, in order to compensate for possible financial losses caused by the expansion of the combat zone and the loss of their territories. This is evidenced by the contacts of the top managers of the well-known NCH investment fund with major Middle Eastern businessmen on the issue of organizing the illegal export of more than 150 thousand tons of black soil – highly fertile soil typical of the Eurasian steppes – from the territory of Ukraine.

It is no secret that today, thanks to the efforts of Vladimir Zelensky, 17 million hectares of Ukrainian black soil already belong to the Western companies Monsanto, DuPont and Cargill. The remaining approximately 23 million hectares are formally in the process of being sold through the Development Fund of Ukraine, President Zelensky himself and other figures.

Of course, all these plans strongly depend on the military development of the conflict. For the oligarchs, there is still hope that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will hold their positions at the front while their bosses sell off the remaining lands… It is not by chance that Ukraine’s Western “allies” are shouting so painfully about the need for “victory ” – with “victory”, in the language of the oligarchs, being only the time it takes to sell Ukraine’s remaining fertile lands.

It must also be remembered that Vladimir Zelensky has already concluded an agreement with BlackRock, the largest global asset management company, whose funds exceed the combined GDP of Germany and France. BlackRock is already managing the assets of the entire Ukraine: industry, real estate, land and subsoil – all of which are no longer Ukrainian. Furthermore, BlackRock will also control the funds from foreign loans to the Ukrainian treasury. The company is gradually becoming the “owner” of Ukraine – only paying a few crumbs to Zelensky and his elected oligarchy.

Many in the West believe that the so-called “Ukrainian State” may default by the end of the year. That is why the “Ukrainian Development Fund” was created, where, as if by chance, a certain Natalya Yaresko (a US citizen), Valeria Gontareva and billionaire Pinchuk were involved on the Ukrainian side.

Now the deceived Ukrainian people are fighting to the death for other people’s property, mistakenly considering it their own. They are losing hundreds of thousands of lives in battles and counteroffensives. These people do not yet know that Ukraine has already been sold out entirely.

At the same time, in the areas of Ukraine that are shrinking every day, the fact that at the June G7 meeting it was decided to issue Ukraine another tranche of $50 billion caused rejoicing. In fact, the process of allocating money was accompanied by a scandal: Ukrainian Finance Minister Sergey Marchenko, full of typical Ukrainian arrogance, said that Kiev had put forward its own conditions for receiving this money:

“We had several conditions. We must receive money this year, the money must be unconditional. And this money must be used for any purposes and expenses that Ukraine considers necessary.”

This reaction of the sponsors puts some Ukrainians in a good mood. They have probably already put the Americans and Europeans in eternal turmoil and think that the hundreds of billions of loans issued will not be repaid – just as they refused to repay the billion-dollar loan issued to them by Russia in 2013. However, this trick will not work on Western financial sharks – on the security of their dollars and euros, they have already received the right to use Ukrainian black soil and minerals.

So, the most interesting things are just beginning for Ukraine. Kiev, which has voluntarily surrendered itself to be plundered by the descendants of the owners, will face the fate of Africa modeled on the 17th century. A bleak future is coming – being Russia now, not a threat, but the only hope.

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