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Meta sparks political controversy in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has recently been embroiled in a digital and political controversy following Meta’s decision to shut down 148 accounts and pages, claiming they were operated by the ruling Awami League’s research organization, the Center for Research and Information (CRI). This move has stirred significant reactions and raised concerns about bias, political manipulation, and the role […]

Bangladeshi think tank CRI falls victim of Jamaat activists inside AFP

Recently, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) has shut down 148 accounts and pages by claiming those were operated by ruling “Awami League’s research organization” – Center for Research and Information (CRI). This news has been very enthusiastically publicized by almost all of the newspapers and media outlets in Bangladesh, including anti-government and pro-Islamist newspapers such […]

Facebook, AFP and Al Qaeda-connected BNP launch propaganda war against Bangladeshi think tank CRI

Facebook and French news agency AFP evidently have stepped into the trap of Al Qaeda-connected Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and its Islamist partners, including Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) and have been contributing to turning Bangladesh into a neo-Taliban state. by running vile propaganda targeting well-respected thinktank and research group such as Center for Research and Information (CRI). […]