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Anticipated high cost of BJP’s divisive strategy

India’s just-concluded elections, one of the most polarizing and divisive rounds in modern times, have reached their conclusion. As the nation awaits the results today, the underlying issues concerning voters, such as soaring youth unemployment at nearly 50 percent and a vast wealth gap, remain at the forefront. However, instead of addressing these pressing concerns, […]

Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon, attack on Hindus and alarming rise of Islamists

Popular actress of Bollywood and diva of hundreds of millions of fans throughout the world – Raveena Tandon was groped, molested and physically assaulted by a gang of Islamist thugs led by a burqa-clad woman. Some people may consider this June 2, 2024 incident as isolated forgetting the fact that during Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha, […]

West Bengal Hindus being regularly abducted, trafficked to Bangladesh and converted to Islam

For years, organized rackets have been abducting Hindu men, women, and children from West Bengal, smuggling them into Bangladesh, and converting them to Islam. Meanwhile, almost on a regular basis, Hindu girls are being abducted from India – brought to Bangladesh and forced into religious conversion. Following a recent incident, where a minor Hindu aged […]