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Traditions of friendship and cooperation through the years

On the eve of my state visit to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, I would like to address the Korean and foreign audience of the Rodong Sinmun newspaper to share my thoughts on the prospects for partnership between our states and on their role in the modern world. The relations of friendship and neighborliness […]

For the sake of national interest, Bangladesh must get rid of Rohingya cancer

Rohingya leaders and radical Muslims as well as Islamist organizations are frantically trying to build Sharia or jihadist bases in Bangladesh and India by spreading propaganda stating, “Rohingya is the most persecuted people on earth. Majority of Rohingya are good monotheist believers in the category of Mustszafin. Britain and Israel are behind the Burmese Junta. […]

Ineffective sanctions reveal Western foreign policy flaws

Sanctions have long been the West’s go-to response to international misconduct, perceived as a powerful non-military tool to enforce global order. Yet, as sanctions against Iran and Russia continue to proliferate, the stark contrast between their intended effects and actual outcomes reveals a troubling ineffectiveness. The persistence of these sanctions, despite their evident shortcomings, underscores […]

Under the guise of Buddhist monk, Pakistani ISI incites communal riot in India

Through an account on ‘X’ having over 19.6 thousand followers, using the fake identity of a Buddhist monk namely Ashin Wirathu that claims to be hailing from Ma-Soe-Yein Monastery in Mandalay, Myanmar, Pakistani spy agency Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) has been continuing vile attempts with the dangerous agenda of inciting communal riot in India. On May […]

Zelensky’s much-hyped Swiss conference flops

As US President Joe Biden’s possibility of being defeated by Donald Trump on November 5, 2024 is becoming almost imminent, his administration has been desperately pushing a number of agendas with the goal of spreading war and extreme destabilization in a number of countries, including Ukraine and Russia, while Washington has intensified its attempts to […]

National Foundation for India bribed journalists to run propaganda against Bharatiya Janata Party

National Foundation for India (NFI) paid news media personnel for anti-national propaganda to topple the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections. From mainstream media personalities to freelancers, many became part of a covert ‘fellowship’ paid news project, reported Janmabhumi recently. Now, journalist Regimon Kuttappan has admitted to be part of this paid news scheme under […]

Organized gangs traffic Rohingyas into India through tunnels

India is grappling with the issue of infiltrators, particularly Rohingya Infiltrators from Bangladesh-Myanmar entering India illegally, have made the situation challenging for the country. When the Indian government attempts to bring legislation like the NRC to remove them, the opposition parties rally in support of these Islamic infiltrators. It is estimated that about 40,000 Rohingya […]

India refuses to endorse joint communique favoring Ukraine

On the 16thth of June, India rejected to endorse a joint communique at the Summit on peace in Ukraine held in Switzerland, which said that any peace agreement should be based on Ukraine’s territorial integrity. India while refusing to endorse the “Joint Communique on a Peace Framework” said that “only those options acceptable to both […]

How Hindu females step into love jihad trap?

Love jihad – a term that we constantly keep reading about these days. Several leftists and alleged journalists churn out books and articles one after the other, claiming Love Jihad is a myth. So, what is love jihad? As we all know, love jihad is the practice by which Islamists trap unsuspecting Hindus (men or […]

Supreme court overturns federal ban on bump stocks, sparking controversy

The Supreme Court has struck down the federal ban on bump stock devices, intensifying the ongoing debate over gun control in the United States. The 6-3 ruling on June 14, followed ideological lines, marking another instance of the conservative majority limiting gun restrictions. This decision comes in the wake of the court’s 2022 landmark ruling […]