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India needs to outlaw Tablighi Jamaat as it is the secret vessel of international terrorism

Tablighi Jamaat (TJ), which is an antechamber of jihadist terrorism is seen by the counterterrorism experts as – wolf in sheep’s clothing. On December 10, 2021, Saudi authorities banned activities of Tablighi Jamaat, also known as Al Ahbab, calling it a ‘danger to society’. According to media reports, the Saudi government official statement called Jamaat […]

West Bengal Hindus being regularly abducted, trafficked to Bangladesh and converted to Islam

For years, organized rackets have been abducting Hindu men, women, and children from West Bengal, smuggling them into Bangladesh, and converting them to Islam. Meanwhile, almost on a regular basis, Hindu girls are being abducted from India – brought to Bangladesh and forced into religious conversion. Following a recent incident, where a minor Hindu aged […]