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Examining Bangladesh’s law enforcement role in global peacekeeping

A popular quote in the discipline of law states that “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Last year in a news reports, law enforcement agencies in Bangladesh have been accused of illegally using their power under the political government to support specific groups or interests. Such conduct should alarm society as a […]

Ebrahim Raisi, a victim of Iran’s powerful regime’s ‘inside job’

People from sundry upbringings and divergent walks of life and are highly confused regarding Iranian President Raisi’s accidental death. The vast majority of people, especially citizens and inhabitants of Iran, including the Arab and Muslim world, are raising some virtually inescapable questions. Most of them are pointing fingers at Mojtaba Khamenei – son of Iran’s […]

Nayemul Islam Khan, right person in the right place

The political landscape in Bangladesh has often been turbulent, highlighted by the Awami League government’s surprising reluctance, lethargic tendency or inability to counter continuous insane propaganda against the nation. This inaction has led to ongoing challenges that tarnish Bangladesh’s image as well as achievements of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. In this context, the appointment of […]

US-EU backstabbed Bharatiya Janata Party through interfering in India’s 2024 Lok Sabha elections

A new report has exposed Western efforts to interfere in India’s 2024 Lok Sabha Elections (19 April to 1 June), with particular focus put on the Henry Luce Foundation, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, and the French Indologist and political scientist Christophe Jaffrelot for their roles in peddling a “particular narrative.” In a report titled […]

Growing importance of the Russia-China axis for Turkey

Over the past decade, Turkey’s foreign policy has undergone a significant transformation, increasingly leaning towards non-Western powers, particularly Russia and China. This shift has been driven by mounting disagreements with the US over security issues in the Middle East, especially concerning Syria, and persistent frustrations with the EU membership process. Coupled with criticisms of the […]

Ukraine begins recruiting prisoners to join the war

A US report points to significant problems in rebuilding the Ukrainian Armed Forces, especially as front-line commanders will lead poorly trained recruits, who will be called up under the new conscription law, “to just die.” The same report also indicates that Ukraine is now recruiting prisoners as manpower shortage is evidently having a crippling effect […]

Poland posed to join Ukraine war by sending contingents

Could Poland intervene in Ukraine? Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to consider the possibility. At May 28 press Conference During his visit to Uzbekistan, he said: “The Polish authorities say they are ready to send their contingents. We can hear Polish language, so there are many mercenaries from Poland.” He added: “If some contingents from […]

Biden trashes the possibility of Ukraine becoming a NATO member

Since 2022, there has been a major discussion among officials and experts about the possibility of Ukraine becoming a NATO member. In response to Russia’s special military operation, some NATO countries promised Kiev membership in the alliance. However, it has become increasingly clear that the bloc is not interested in accepting Ukraine as a member. […]

American expert calls for war in three continents

Is a “Three-Theater” war scenario both feasible and desirable for the US? Some think so. American analysts within the Establishment are in fact calling for war “in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.” This is what Thomas G. Mahnken (both a Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies professor and the CEO of the Center […]

Bangladesh’s strategic investment in power sector propels sustainable development agenda

Bangladesh, a nation fervently committed to its journey of economic prosperity and sustainable development, unveils a visionary roadmap for the power sector in the fiscal year 2024-25 budget. With a resolute focus on fortifying its energy infrastructure, the government allocates a substantial Taka 30,317 crore (approximately US$3.6 billion) towards catalyzing advancements in power generation, transmission, […]