25-mark ‘Zayed Khan’ ready for sale

In Shaistaganj of Habiganj, the stalls of sacrificial animals have not yet gathered, but sales are going on in the farms. Most people are turning to farms because of the convenience of buying sacrificial animals with their families in a clean environment. The farm’s attraction is now the huge cows with strange names. The biggest bull of Shaistaganj is named ‘Zayed Khan’.

Shahiwal breed ‘Zayed Khan’ is being reared with utmost care for a year in the farm of Sujan Mia in Nishapat village of Shaestaganj upazila. Its diet consists of nutritious native grains including husks, husks, green grass and hay. Red colored ‘Zayed Khan’ weighing 25 maunds and 10 feet long. The height exceeds five and a half feet. Zayed Khan, prepared on the occasion of this year’s Qurbani Eid, is asking the price of five lakh taka. Apart from Zayed Khan, he has six salable Shahiwal and Desi cows in his farm.

Regarding the name, farmer Sujan Mia said, “We affectionately named the cow ‘Zayed Khan’. Because its structure is very similar to Zayed Khan. When called ‘Zayed Khan’, he responds.”

25-mark 'Zayed Khan' ready for sale

According to the information of Shaestaganj Upazila Livestock Office, this year Shaestaganj Upazila has 2 thousand 479 animals that can be sacrificed. Out of which 2 thousand 21 cows, 381 goats and 77 sheep. The demand for sacrificial animals in the upazila is two thousand 242.

Upazila livestock officer agriculturist Nazim Uddin said Sujan Mia’s bull won the first place in the livestock exhibition fair this year. This is the biggest cow in Shaestaganj upazila. Hope he gets the expected price.

Kamruzzaman Al Riyadh/SR/MS