258 May from Palashbari food warehouse. Tons of rice-wheat ‘disappear’

Gaibandhar Palashbari Upazila Government Food Warehouse (LSD) Godown about two hundred May. Tons of rice 58 May. Charged officer Abdullah Al Mamun Siddiqui has been accused of embezzling tons of wheat. Meanwhile, when the rice and wheat embezzlement came to light, the official covered up. If the authorities are saying that in addition to his transfer, a 5-member investigation committee has been formed.

According to food warehouse sources, on the order of the food department, the food inspector and officer in charge of Palashbari food warehouse, Abdullah Al Mamun Chiddiqi, was released on stand because various irregularities and corruption were observed. However, before he received the transfer order from the warehouse about two and a half May. Tons of rice and wheat disappeared. Later, seeing the situation worsened, he covered his head without handing over the responsibility to the next responsible officer.

Several people, who did not wish to be named, said that one or two dishonest traders and some laborers smuggled these rice and wheat in the dark of night. About two hundred may of the disappeared food. Tons of rice 58 May. There are tons.

Meanwhile, the owners of mills and mills said that about three hundred May. Tons of rice they gave to the warehouse but the official covered up without paying the bill.

Upazila Food Controller. Nazmul Haque said that even though the officer was transferred, he did not hand over the responsibility. If you want to know more, he advises you to go to the inquiry committee.

District Food Controller Mizanur Rahman said there has been some shortage of rice and wheat. In the report of the investigation committee formed in this incident, some food is less available. The warehouse officer has been transferred and a new one has been assigned. However, he avoided the issue of how much rice and wheat has disappeared.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Palashbari Police Station KM Azmiruzzaman said that the complaint has been reported to the ACC. ACC will investigate and take appropriate legal action.

Palashbari upazila executive officer. Kamrul Hasan told Jago News that he has learned about the transfer of the food warehouse officer. However, it is not known whether the responsibility has been transferred. I am not sure about the formation of the investigation committee and the case. Besides, I do not know anything about the amount of goods embezzled.