30 pieces of ‘Kala Chan’ will be sold for 12 lakhs

Brahma bull. Weight approx 30 maunds. Its owner affectionately named it ‘Kala Chan’ because of a moon-like spot on its forehead. The price of the bull is 12 lakh taka.

The bull has been reared for four years and three months by young man Lovelu of Port Link area of ​​Bhatiari Union of Sitakunda Upazila of Chittagong.

Lovelu said, besides the job, he takes care of the bull. His wife takes care of him in his absence. But as the bull grows, it becomes difficult to control him. He even left his job to take care of the bull. Currently, the daily cost behind it is 700-800 taka.

He said, ‘After leaving the job, it is becoming difficult to meet the family’s daily needs. That’s why I kept two cows and sold two buffaloes and two cows. I will give you a cow farm if you can sell the bull at a reasonable price.’

30 pieces of 'Kala Chan' will be sold for 12 lakhs

Local youth Saiful Islam said, the bull looks very beautiful. As far as I know, this is the biggest cow in Sitakunda.

Another named Seymour said, ‘Lovelu cares more about the bull than the family members. He is willing to give a farm if he can sell it at a reasonable price. He says he will sell if the price is 12 lakhs.

M Mainuddin/SR/JIM