4 youths of hostage Natore in Libya, tortured for ransom

Took a high interest loan to send his son abroad. That loan has not yet been repaid. In the meantime, the news has come that the son has been taken hostage in Libya. Torture videos are being sent for ransom.

Sohan’s father Shahjahan Pramanik was telling about his son’s hostage in Libya with a tearful voice. Sohan’s home is in Bablatla village of Biaghat union in Gurdaspur upazila of Natore. Two other youths of the same village were taken hostage with Sohan. Sagar Hossain (24), Nazim Ali (32) and Hamlaikol village of Nazirpur Union. Vidyut Hossain (26).

Their families sent these four youths to Libya after borrowing cattle, mortgages on agricultural land, high-interest moneylending loans and installments from NGOs.

According to their families, these four young men migrated to Libya a couple of years ago. After going to Libya, they sent at least 20,000 taka per month. But last Sunday (June 2) night, the torture video was sent to the family from the Emu number of the four youths. The kidnappers then demanded a ransom of Tk 40 lakh from the family through the hostages. If the ransom money is not paid, the level of torture will be increased and there is a threat that they will be killed. However, the family still did not inform the police.

After investigation, it is known that the father of Bidyut Hossain, who is a hostage, Enamul Haque is still in Libya. Basically, through him, four people including son Bidyut went to Libya. However, since the hostage incident, Enamul Haque is not maintaining proper communication with the families of the kidnapped youths.

Shahjahan Ali said that on Sunday, his son Sohan called EMU number in a tearful voice and said that the kidnappers will kill him if he does not pay Tk 10 lakh. They do not have any land except in the house. Even if it is sold at home, it will not be ten lakh rupees. He sought the government’s intervention to free his son from hostage.

Nazim’s wife Nadira Begum said the kidnappers demanded a ransom of Tk 10 lakh to release her husband. She is not able to provide money to free her husband. The kidnappers are sending torture videos on mobile phones.

Chakera Bewa, the widow of young hostage Sagar, said that she sent her son abroad after taking a loan. Now the son has to be released again with a ransom of 10 lakh taka. She is a female worker. It is not possible for him to collect the ransom money.

Chairman of Biaghat Union Parishad. Mizanur Rahman Souza said that after hearing the incident, he quickly sought the government’s help in rescuing the hostages.

Gurdaspur Upazila Executive Officer Salma Akhter said that they have started working through the Expatriate Welfare Ministry to rescue four young people who were held hostage in Libya. Besides, he also said that he would go to the families of the hostages and provide full support.

Rezaul Karim Reza/SIT/MS